Let’s face it, Indiana always has the most crappiest weather. Now at this point, if it’s to snowing, it’s definitely raining….which will all become ice. Oak Grove? Forget it- it’s a huge ice skating ring basically.

One week into the Spring semester, you’ll be saying something along these lines:


1. A winter jacket

It’s something so simple, yet some still believe they’ll survive the harsh winter with just a hoodie. Buying a good quality winter jacket will be the best investment you make for a while, plus they can last you for years.

Tip: If you are a comfy apparel person, buy a size larger than you usually wear so you can still wear a hoodie underneath and feel comfortable!

You might feel like this, but so will everybody else- and you’ll most importantly be warm!



2. Proper shoes

Shoes shoes shoes… One day you might need ducky boots and the next hour you need heavy snow boots- this weather is crazy!

But whatever you do- tennis shoes are not for the snow!! If you can walk and not slip, props for you, but expect your shoes to be soaked!

A heavy snow show, with good grips on the bottom but also with ducky boot material would be ideal- both for snow and water plus they are super cute! In the Oak Grove, you need tons of grip. Good Luck!


3. Put the phone down and pay attention!

Ice is no joke, especially when it’s covered in snow and you’re not sure if there is actually snow or not. Your best bet to stay safe and save your self some embarrassment from falling, put your phone away and look where you’re walking! Although falling could make an awesome story to tell, the soreness and or embarrassment will be torture!


4. Handwarmers 

Some are very familiar with them, some are not. Hand warmers come in a pack of 2- where you shake them and they begin to warm up. If you have a long walk to your next class, to campus, or it’s just waaaay to cold, open and shake one of these up and put them in your gloves or shoes and enjoy the warmth. Even better- they’re about .99 at your local pharmacy or grocery store.

Just be careful- depending on your body reactions or self liking, they might get a bit too hot for you! Make sure you put them in any place you can quickly remove them if they become too uncomfortable.


5. Winter friendly room

Whether you live on or off campus, make sure your room has all the essentials when having a winter filled semester. Fuzzy blankets, fuzzy socks, extra heater, etc. Whatever it is, and whatever makes you warm, make sure you have it! Dorms can get very cold or very hot in the winter, to prepare for both cases.  When you’re in your warm blankets, all wrapped up, and your alarm goes off- it’s so hard to wake up!



6. Cold basics

Of course you need the common winter gloves, hats, scarves, fuzzy socks. You might think you don’t need them on your 5 minute walk to class- but when it’s below freezing, those 5 minutes feel like 5 hours. Bundle up- no one is going to judge you!


Indiana is known for its not-so-fun weather. Do everything you can  to stay warm and safe! Frostbite and Hypothermia are possible- and very easy to get when the temperatures are extremely low. Invest in some cute, and awesome winter apparel and clothing, and rock it!

Angie Belinda

Just an Indiana University of Pennsylvania girl that can be bribed with some free food and free t-shirts. Catch my roommate and I listening to the Disney throwback jams past quiet hours

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