When we move in back to school after a long winter break, we are so excited to finally be back. Spring semester is so much shorter than the Fall, which can be both good and bad….

This is the time we feel the most stressed.

1. The Weather

Indiana weather sucks, it is either raining or snowing. Students can only feel 10x worse when the weather is typically gloomy and gray. Getting work done feels so much harder whenever the weather starts to get nicer. Windows can be opened, the sun is out, and it just makes every student feel 10x happier. Everybody automatically wants to leave behind their stress and work and spend the day outside.


2. The semester is so short…aka more work.

Can you imagine fitting a whole semester in 16 weeks at IUP?  You don’t have to imagine…because it’s a reality. We have one week left until Spring Break, and then after that it’s game on in all classes.  Course work seems to be shoved down our throats. Making weekend plan seems impossible, because you’re reminded of the hours of homework you have waiting for you.

If Maddie from Dance Moms has to do her homework…we have no excuse.



Christmas just passed..countless of gifts, gift cards, and money has been gifted to us. How is it possible that there is still barely $40 in our bank accounts?  Yet we continue to swipe our cards, fingers crossed that it isn’t declined. Not only are you broke in actual money, IUP gives us the amazing FLEX money added to our meal plane, and if you relate to half of the student  body at IUP, you’re probably running low on FLEX. Which means cutting back on Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, and that amazing new sushi that opened at Crimson.



4. The typical “weight loss” New Year’s resolution

Christmas dinner, left overs…and all the yummy home cooked meals made us feel nothing but yucky and unfit. If you realized it, the first two weeks back from break are when the campus gym is PACKED. The hardest part? The gym at IUP is right next to some yummy carb filled restaurants…  Props to all of you who can keep this resolution- keep working out and get that summer bod!!



5. Self-Reflecting

Now that you can see what the Fall semester was like, you can self reflect and see what to do differently this semester. Although the Fall was filled with a homecoming concert from Lil Uzi, and many special guests throughout the semester- let’s not forget the real reason we’re in college.  If you developed any bad habits during the Fall semester, breaking out of them now will be hard, but totally do-able! Take a step back, note what you did wrong and right last semester and focus on becoming a better you! Don’t forget that patience is key when it comes to working out.



6. Summer Plans

After self reflecting, you’re gonna figure out what needs to be done this Summer. Summer job? Summer classes? Vacation? Moving back in? Internship? All of these things and more need to be taken into consideration. Spring semester is the perfect time to start looking for jobs back home. It’s recommended to start looking now so whenever you move back home, you will already be ready to start work. Sometimes we see Summer as finally the time to relax after a long year at school- but it sometimes can be just as busy! But just like the previous tip, still make sure you take time to have “me” time. Too much stress and over working is never good! If you have any hard time figuring things out- there are many resources at IUP that will help you navigate finding an off and on campus job, and many renting options if you plan on staying  near school to work or because of an internship.


As hard as the Spring semester may be, just remember that your hardworking and stress ALWAYS pays off. No matter how much work you have due, always take time to have some “me” time. It’s okay to take a step back and realize that you’ve done a lot and its okay to take a break and enjoy yourself and the nice weather.


Angie Belinda

Just an Indiana University of Pennsylvania girl that can be bribed with some free food and free t-shirts. Catch my roommate and I listening to the Disney throwback jams past quiet hours

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