Iowa State University holds the reputation of being the best for their science and technology, and their student-centered culture. With only an 87% acceptance rate, and 36,660 students on campus there are a lot of things that go on. Classes are the primary focus of this college campus along with all the other activates and clubs with campus offers. You come to college to learn life lessons, have new experiences, and go into a major that you love. In every investment includes its downfalls. Iowa State University has a vast array of classes that they offer here and not all of them are the easiest. Even if they aren’t easy, each student on campus tries their best to succeed in each course. Listed below are 11 of the most difficult classes at Iowa State University:

1. Physics 221/222: 

Ratings say that if you try your best in the class it still won’t be enough. Buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy journey to doing well in the class. Read a lot and if you’re not great at math, well good luck to you pal.  

2. Organic Chemistry:

In college, students skip classes sometimes or maybe all the time. Either way, you skip Organic chemistry and you’re not going to pass. Pay attention and get your stuff done, or what’s the point. Enjoy the countless hours of reading before and after class also. 

3. Calculus 2

It sucks! Apparently if you get a teacher who has never taught it before, well, you’re both in for a joy ride. Enjoy the massive gap between other Math’s you’ve taken.  If you need this class for your major, I’m sorry and so is everyone else. Just think, at least some other people are in the same boat, maybe?


4. Mechanics of Materials

If anyone likes to know absolutely everything, this is the class for you. If you don’t know everything then this will be a huge struggle. Also if you think you can multitask and learn two different things from lecture to lab, then this is the perfect fit for you. Have fun, racking your brain to know everything. I have a feeling a lot of sleep is not in your future.

5. Computer Science 327 

Anything with computer science sounds difficult. It has something to do with finding files and programming x to y or something. I have no idea, and neither do the people taking the class. Finding files in a computer is harder than most people think. 

6. Agronomy 114

To start with, I don’t know what agronomy means. Second off if you like plants and crop production, go for it. I’ve killed a cactus so this class wouldn’t go well for me. Basically, you’re learning about how great crops are and without them we would die. Apparently, this class is so hard, that they won’t be offering it anymore, so everyone who is taking it currently, I’m sorry. 


7. Bio 101

Ready to take the worst tests in your life! Take this class. If you don’t want to go to class, take the online version, which you will fail also. If you’re not an expert in biology, I would drop it now, because there is no point in making a fool of yourself. Keep your dignity while you still have it.

8. Music 102

This class is stupid. The exams are insanely hard, and if you’re not fantastic with reading music, well you’re screwed. Also, the professor makes you buy the book because he wrote it. Think you can have an easy A, look in the mirror again because you’re lying to yourself.

9. Astro 150

Hey, don’t read the description for this class because it’s different from what the class is. Save yourself some time and don’t take it. Also, if you’re good at being confused then this is the class for you. If you think it’s just a class about space and rocks, it’s not. Apparently, you need to know a lot of math.  Save yourself some money and don’t buy the book either.

10. Engineering 160

Ready to take a class that incorporates every engineering class into one? If you haven’t figured out your major and you think this will be easy, it’s not. If you know how to do code, you could be set, but you must write it on paper, not a computer. Isn’t the point of code supposed to be on a computer?

11. Library 160

This isn’t a hard class, it’s the most failed class. You don’t take the weekly quizzes, and you miss one you fail the class. It’s supposed to be easy and informational, not agonizing and a fail class. Just do your work people.

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