1. You skip your transfer orientation

This is a big no-no! Transfer student orientation, no matter how boring or insignificant it may seem beforehand, is super important to your success at your new school. Yes, they kind of treat you like freshman (again) but they also provide essential pieces of information about campus, resources, and registration. Do not skip it.

2. You don’t tell anyone you’re a transfer student

This is a huge one. Don’t be embarrassed by being a transfer! There is absolutely nothing shameful about switching schools. If anything, it’s incredibly brave and will spark tons of conversations with classmates (potential friends!).

3. You only hang out with other transfer students

A super common mistake. By only hanging out with transfers, you close yourself off from meeting students who really know campus and the inside scoop. When meeting a transfer, most students will be excited to show you around and fill you in on insider tricks (where to study during finals, the best dorms on campus, and party tips).

4. You always talk about your old school

This is a huge buzzkill. Nobody wants to hear how wonderful (or terrible) your other college was. Yes, it may come up when talking about why you came to Ithaca in the first place, but dwelling on the past will not do you any favors.

5. You hold onto the ‘transfer’ label

You probably don’t want to introduce yourself as a ‘transfer Senior’ when you’ve been at IC for 2 or 3 years previously. It’s great to be proud and unashamed about your transfer experience, but holding on too tight may keep you from ever becoming a real Bomber.


Charlotte Steinberg

I'm currently a Sophomore at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. I transferred from Loyola Marymount University this fall. I'm a dancer, writer, foodie, grammar geek, and cat-lover from Connecticut.

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