The Fountains

In my opinion the best place to get work done efficiently, as long as it’s not sweltering hot or freezing cold. You can hear the water crashing behind you and look up at the beautiful view of the hills across Cayuga lake. This creates a peaceful serene work environment in which time flies so quickly.  Before you know it the sun will be setting and all your homework will be done. You’ll leave at peace.

The Quad

The Quad is another nice outdoors area where you can enjoy the crisp autumn air, sunbathe and get a fair amount of work done. The only downside is that if you’re easily distracted than you shouldn’t attempt to work here, people will constantly be walking past you and will stop to say hi. There’s also always something going on in the area right in front of campus center and not to mention the dogs! There are always adorable dogs walking around campus and playing in the quad but if you need a quick break from studying the dogs may not be such a bad thing. Bottom line if you would still like to enjoy the quad studying experience pop in some headphones and put on a serious face, people will refrain from bothering you.  


8th floor East Tower lounge

Okay now this one might not be of much help to those of you who don’t live in east tower but the east tower 8th floor lounge is great. They have these nice chairs that are not too comfortable but just comfortable enough that you can do your work in utter bliss. The seating is two to a table for the couches and 4 to a table for the regular chairs so if you wanted to study with a buddy or in a group it is quite easy to do so. The 8th floor is never very noisey and the view from the window is spectacular.


The Pond

As you can probably already tell I love to study outdoors. The pond is a secluded area across from the center for natural sciences and in the daytime it is great for homework and studying. Here you are very unlikely to run into people although bugs may irritate you. Other than that the view of the pond is beautiful and the seclusion makes it a great place to work.


The Fire Pit

Not many people know this but there is a fire pit right on the roof of campus center. Sometimes it’s lit sometimes it’s not, but it serves as a great place to study or read and relax. You can see above the East side of campus off towards the horizon and at night it is a great place to stargaze.


Sharifa Nadine

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