1. Compost

At Ithaca, there are many locations across campus where you can compost food that you would otherwise not want to throw in your dorm’s garbage, such as a banana peel or apple core. This is highly encouraged and most convenient if one of the compost areas are located near your residence, such as the Garden apartments.

2. Reusable water bottles

On almost every floor of residence buildings and various locations across campus, you can find easily accessible purified water dispensers that use disposable filters. These are strategically placed where many students will see them in the effort to motivate both students and faculty to utilize reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones.


Standing for “Stop Wasting Ithaca’s Food Today”, SWIFT is a student run organization that strives to put food waste to an end. Essentially, the organization takes leftover food from Towers Dining Hall every Friday and transports it to the Rescue Mission in Ithaca Commons, providing about 20-60 meals a week.

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4. Natural lands

The Natural Lands are just another reminder of Ithaca’s beauty and why we should want to protect all land on this planet. That being said, many classes held in the Natural Lands where students are taught to grow their own plants, identify different types of plants, and ultimately learn how to respect the Earth are available and encouraged for all students to take.

5. Light switch reminders

Every dorm room is equipped with a light switch that is labeled “don’t forget to turn out the lights when you won’t be here” in bright blue letters to remind students of their energy conserving responsibilities.

6. Shorter showers

This is probably common sense to everybody by now, but Ithaca especially encourages its students to take ten minutes or less to shower in order to save as much water possible. This is implemented to make students realize just how much water is wasted if all 7,000 students take half hour showers when in reality, it could be done in ten minutes.

7. Eco Rep posters

This is one all Ithaca students notice when using public bathrooms around campus, because Eco Reps literally plaster sustainability tips on the inside of bathroom stalls on colorful, noticeable paper. Whether it is how to save water, how to conserve energy, or how to properly dispose of waste, it gives you something to read while also making an impact on students’ environmental decisions.


Natalia Senanayake

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