You’d be surprised just how many puns can be made out of the word Ithaca, but IC students are always coming up with the funniest, corniest puns. Below are the most common ones:

Pun: “Man, my Ithacalves are burning.”


Basically, Ithaca College is all built uphill, so you can only imagine how frequently students have to take stairs to get anywhere around campus. That being said, you get a quick workout in going to class and you constantly feel your calves burning, hence where the term “Ithacalves” comes from.

Pun: “I just Ithacan’t do this right now.”


When you’re just completely done with work, school, or life in general, this phrase comes in handy for a lot of IC students. It’s just as it sounds: “I’m so over this”.

Pun: “Want to grab some Mexithacan food?”


Pun making is not just an IC thing, literally everyone all over town finds the best ways to make Ithaca into a pun. “Mexithacan” food is referring to the local Mexican restaurant, Viva Taqueria, which combines some of the best Mexican food with the Ithaca town culture. Pretty clever.

Pun: “This weather is gorges.”


This is a no brainer; Ithaca is beautiful! So naturally there must be a pun to capture the beauty of the gorges, the waterfalls, and every other wonderful thing that makes up the Ithaca landscape.


Pun: “MusIC”


Ithaca College is highly known for its excellent music program, so it’s not surprising that they use the pun “MusIC” to represent their pride in the program. You can find the pun labeled on many things in the music building, most commonly on music stands.

Clearly, IC is a very punny school.


Natalia Senanayake

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