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After attending Ithaca College, just about anyone will in some way be exposed to vegan culture and what exactly this dietary lifestyle entails. It’s so easy to eat vegan here, and these are just a few examples of how to do it at IC:

1. Dining Hall Options

Whenever I go to the dining hall these days, I go straight to the vegan section and load my plate up with scrambled tofu, hominy, and basically any bean you can think of. The vegan options are endless, and they even have buffalo chick’n wraps made of chick peas, but it tastes just like chicken. Maybe even better. I’ve tried to eat the meat here, trust me, but every time I do it just tastes like rubber. Sometimes it’s worth eating on a good day, but I have had too many failed attempts with the meat at IC. Why put myself through that when I can have a delicious, 5-star vegan meal?

2. Campus Store

If you’re ever looking for a snack but are worried that there won’t be any vegan options, don’t fret! At all of IC’s mini markets on campus you can find endless vegan selections from cookies to dairy free milk to even falafel. So don’t worry if you are vegan and in the mood to pig out, there is literally something for everyone at any of the campus stores.

3. GreenStar Market

That being said, sometimes you just get tired of the snacks at campus stores. If that’s the case, you should most definitely check out GreenStar Market located in the Dewitt Mall downtown. There are many vegan options at this place. You can find all the ingredients you need to bake any vegan treat. Their vegan cheese supply is also perfect to inspire some homemade mac n cheese, and most importantly there are endless supplies of vegan ice cream! This place will literally be your vegan haven.

4. Vegan Restaurants

If there are vegan markets located downtown, you can bet on the fact that there are going to be numerous restaurants that offer delicious vegan meals too. In fact, many restaurants have vegan options that taste just as good as non-vegan ones. Some  include Moosewood, Luna Inspired Street Food, Viva Taqueria, and Waffle Frolic.

5. EcoRep Motivation

Aside from the actual food options in Ithaca that make it so easy to become vegan, there are many students around campus reminding you of the benefits of being vegan, especially EcoReps. They put up little memos around campus that explain how much water is being wasted and how much animal cruelty results from meat processing.

So not only should you consider becoming vegan, but you also have all of the resources to do so at your fingertips. Maybe it’s not your thing, but it’s definitely worth trying out. Once you do, maybe you can experience how making an environmental difference through dietary restriction feels like.


Natalia Senanayake

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