Seeing as IC is known for its outstanding communications school, aka the Park School, administrators clearly want to educate their students with the best courses possible in order to prepare them for the professional world. Thus, S’Park is a recently created course that provides students with an idea of what their reality could look like once they graduate. However, every recently developed class has its downsides, and below are some pros and cons that describe the course.


You get to Skype with numerous successful alumni and professionals who have made it big in the communications industry. This is extremely  useful because it keeps you motivated to work hard and hopefully become like them one day.


All first year communications students have to take this course, so there’s approximately 500 people in the class. With that many people, it is often hard to hear and see what is going on at the front of the room, so sometimes you will leave feeling like you barely learned anything.


You get to meet new people through group projects.


This year’s group project deals with creating a media program that focuses on people with communication disabilities, so many students found it difficult to execute this especially if they personally do not have a communication disability. It was difficult to avoid making any false assumptions or coming off as insensitive when it came to creating this program, whereas last year’s program focused on politics.


You are introduced to networking and are required to make a LinkedIn profile. This is helpful because you are forced to step outside of your comfort zone and connect with other individuals who could potentially help you in the future.


The class does not meet every week, which in some cases is good if you need to catch up on other work. However most of the times you tend to forget what you did last class and when upcoming assignments are due.


ou can see that S’Park definitely has its ups and downs, and it is rarely defined as the average communications student’s favorite course their first year. That being said, you just have to make the most of it. Remember that even though sometimes it may seem useless, it most definitely is preparing you for your future.

Natalia Senanayake

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