College is a time to challenge yourself. Whether it’d be taking that extremely tedious computing class or that draining writing seminar, sometimes a little challenge goes a long way. Public Communication offered at Ithaca College is certainly one of those challenging courses, and here are five reasons why you should definitely take it:

1. You will conquer your fear of public speaking.

If the thought of standing in front of 25 people whom you don’t know at all frightens you, then that is all the more reason to take this course. It will literally force you to break out of your comfort zone and learn all of the skills necessary to be a public speaker, which is definitely something worth having when you reach the professional world.

2. You will learn how to argue.

One of the speeches done in this class is an argumentative speech, so not only do you have to develop your own argument but you also learn how to make it effective. You will easily learn all of the rhetoric devices necessary to make an argument impactful, and that is something that can be applied to many other courses.

3. You will discover what issues of the world matter most to you.

Another one of the speeches done in this class is the informed citizen speech. You get to pick an issue that you are most passionate about to educate the class on. Not only is this an interesting topic to explore, but you will also learn what issues you want to expose to the class based on your own personal experiences.

4. You will learn to take constructive criticism with grace.

Let’s be honest, receiving negative feedback on any type of work that required large amounts of effort is never pleasing. That being said, this class will eventually force you to take the criticism from your peers with ease and you will learn how to work it into your next speech. Ultimately, it will make you a stronger speech writer and public speaker.

5. Dr. Hall is the best.

Entering a challenging class, it is always comforting to have a professor who makes personal connections with their students and who always has your best interest at heart. Dr. Hall is exactly that. Although she assigns a lot of work and is a hard grader, you will feel like a better public speaker after each class with her. The best part of it all is that she has a great sense of humor and you will always find yourself laughing at some point throughout her class.

So, go ahead and challenge yourself. Get familiar with public speaking and hold comfort in the fact that you will be prepared for whatever the professional world demands of you.

Natalia Senanayake

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