With class registration comes stress and uncertainty, especially if you are a freshman at Ithaca College. Though it is daunting, it’s not as scary as it seems. Below are some tips to make your IC registration process go smoothly.

1. Meet with your adviser well in advance.

This is something you will be forced to do, so there are no excuses especially when your adviser reaches out to you first to set up an appointment. Make sure you come prepared with questions about what credits you should try and fill next semester, what study abroad questions you have, and to clarify what other requirements you need to graduate. Some advisors will have large group meetings which will often lead you to more questions, so it is recommended to make an individual appointment with them to make sure you know what you’re doing.

2. Make a list!

Making a to-do list but for your schedule is definitely the most effective way to go when it comes to planning your schedule. There’s something about having a visual written or typed out in front of you that makes the process much easier. Also, you need to have the CRN numbers of all your desired classes ready to be typed when it comes time to register, so having it right in front of you is the best way to do so.

3. Look at Degree Works.

Degree Works is a new program launched this semester on HomerConnect, which actually comes in handy when you need to plan your four years at IC. It tells you exactly what credits you have fulfilled, and what credits that are left for you to complete. Also, it helps you figure out what ICC theme requirements you need to take because that in itself is a headache.

4. Meet with Academic Advising.

After doing all of the above tips, if you are still having trouble figuring out what you need to take you most definitely should visit Academic Advising. Located next to the Park school, Academic Advising takes walk ins right up to your assigned registration time, so even if you have a dilemma picking classes the day before you are assigned to, you can walk right in and they will help you sort it out in minutes. They will even provide you with handy print outs of classes you could potentially take this semester and semesters to come.

5. Periodically check your desired classes’ availability.

This is where registration becomes really stressful, because there is nothing worse than checking your most desired class’s availability only to discover that it is all full. It is also where having multiple back up courses becomes vital, so that is something you should write down on that list as well. This way, you can save yourself the disappointment of having to scramble to find different classes during your assigned registration time.

Everyone can agree that registration pretty much sucks, and that if you mess up one little detail you can end up having the worst schedule humanly possible. However, that should just be more of an incentive to follow the five tips above and ensure that your registration process is one to enjoy!

Natalia Senanayake

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