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Being in a completely new area, you can often find yourself blind to all of the amazing opportunities around you. At Ithaca College, both on campus and off, there are so many ways for you to get involved in the Ithaca community, and if you want to become more aware, keep reading to learn about your options!

1. Get a Job

This is a good way to get involved in the Ithaca community because you will be able to meet and socialize with so many people in the area. You can get a job on campus through the online job database or by emailing Bill Lenga, the head of job opportunities at IC. Getting a job is a great way to get involved because if you’re on campus you get to interact with your peers and build connections with the people you see every day, whereas getting a job off campus allows you to interact with locals and learn about their experiences. Whether it be on campus or off, human interaction is beneficial in both forms.


2. Donate Clothes

Since you’re practically living in your dorm full time, you might start to accumulate more clothes as time goes on. If your wardrobe is becoming a bit too excessive, what better way to cleanse than by donating your unwanted clothes? There are many local destinations to do so, such as through Salvation Army located on Elmira Rd. You can also check out the IC website to see where on campus you are able to donate clothing, such as at Clark Hall, and they also provide a list of local thrift shops where you can donate clothes. Be on the lookout for clubs tabling in Campus Center looking for donations in support of a good cause as well.


3. Join Service Clubs

Ithaca tries really hard to be sustainable, so naturally Ithaca College does too. That being said, you better believe that there are a ton of clubs to join who seek to better the environment by cleaning up, saving energy, and recycling. Take the Environmental Club, for example. Just a few weeks ago they were asking for clothing donations, and before that they were collecting recyclables to turn into art. Clubs like that encourage students to participate by making saving the environment fun, and it is also a great opportunity to meet new people with the same ambitions as you.


4. Volunteer

What better way to get involved in the community than becoming a volunteer? There is a plethora of organizations you can sign up for to help, and IC even provides a list on their website of local organizations in need of student volunteers. You can visit the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs (OSEMA) either in person or online to learn how to get started, and they will provide you with a description of organizations that might be appealing to you.


5. Look out for Charity Walks/Events

By learning about marathons in the Ithaca area, not only will you be getting involved in the community but you will also be incorporating some exercise into your day. Exercise is always a great excuse to get involved in something, and you will also be participating in an even that supports a good cause. All you will have to do is pay the registration fee for local marathons such as the Annual Skunk Cabbage Classic 10k coming up this spring. If you aren’t sure how to find races to register for, either search online or make sure to read the weekly Ithaca College Intercom because it often provides information about local activities happening soon.


As this list has hopefully demonstrated, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the Ithaca community during your four years at Ithaca College. If you stay aware and look out for opportunities like these, then you are one step closer to becoming a more involved member of the Ithaca community.


Natalia Senanayake

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