Ithaca college new year eve

It’s safe to say that living in Towers your freshman year at IC is probably the best decision to make when it comes to housing, but that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games all the time. Below are some pros and cons to put into perspective what it’s really like living in East Tower!

Pro: You get the best view of Lake Cayuga

There’s a reason why everyone wants to live in the towers their freshman year: you get a spectacular view of the Finger Lakes! Nothing better than waking up to one of nature’s beauty, and what’s even better is that you get the best view of Ithaca’s prettiest sunsets too. It sure helps you relax especially when midterms and finals start to pile up.


Con: It’s far from EVERYTHING

Naturally, having one of the best views on campus must come with a price. Seeing as the tower is built on a hill, hence why you get an amazing view, it is literally far from everything except the library. You also have to climb a million stairs just to get all the way across campus. It certainly is extremely tiring especially after a tough day, not to mention that you will enter the building drenched in sweat from such a long trek.


Pro: There’s a dining hall in the building

One thing that is extremely convenient about living in Towers is that it has its own dining hall. Yeah, it’s far from basically every building on campus, but to satisfy your hunger and cravings you never have to leave the building! This especially comes in handy when it’s raining or snowing and the idea of going outside seems like utter torture. Not to mention we also have Subconnect open until 1am so East Tower really has it all.


Con: So. Many. Stairs.

Not only do you have to deal with stairs outside just to get to the building, but you will also have the burden of climbing the stairs once you enter the building. Sure, you could wait for the elevator, but half the time it’s either too full, broken, or it’s at the fourteenth floor and taking forever to make its way down. Especially if you live on floors 2-6 it’s often faster to just take the stairs, but you most definitely will feel it in your calves the next day.


Pro: It’s connected to West Tower

Again with the whole not going outside thing. East and West Tower are connected through a tunnel you never have to leave the building to see your friends in West Tower. This comes in handy when it’s freezing cold late at night and all you have to do to get in your bed is walk through the tunnel. Sure, there is the whole East and West Tower rivalry, but that is often forgotten when you realize you are always guaranteed warmth and comfort when visiting your friends on the other side.


Con: The TV lounges are usually full

Seeing that there are fourteen floors in East Tower and only two TV lounges, you can imagine that they are almost always full all the time. This sucks especially when you decide to have a bunch of friends over to watch a movie, some who make the trip all the way from Lower Quads, only to find out that both lounges are occupied and you have no choice but to relocate. But hey, that’s what Netflix and laptops are for right?


There you have it, both good and bad times can come from living in East Tower, but it’s perks certainly outweigh its downsides. A gorgeous lake view, its own dining hall, and interconnected tunnels? Easily the best freshman housing any new student could ask for!


Natalia Senanayake

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