There comes a time in your college career where you simply need a change of pace, and sometimes you can only find that in a different country. If you are a journalism major at IC and want to learn about the best study abroad destinations that will change up your learning experience, then keep reading!

1. London

Although any major can find their place in London, journalism majors should especially consider attending the London Center because not only will they be able to fulfill some of their general requirements, but they will also be able to experience journalism in a foreign city. London has their newspapers and news rooms too, so the idea of potentially getting an internship while abroad or making connections in a city like London is something that should appeal to many journalism majors. Not to mention it is extremely close to other European countries so why not take a weekend trip to France or Spain while you’re at it?


2. Los Angeles

Although LA is still in the United States, it is on the other side of the country and will provide students with a different perspective of their major. Again, this is another bustling city with plenty to do, especially if you think LA is where you want to end up working after college. So, try to get an internship, network as much as possible, get some journalism requirements out of the way, and enjoy the sunny Southern California atmosphere!


3. New York City

NYC is hardly abroad; it’s a three-and-a-half-hour bus ride from IC. That being said, it is still a major news and media city and it is completely different from the town of Ithaca, so it is a place to think about studying in if you want a change of pace but don’t want to go too far. Also, if the west coast isn’t your thing, then NYC is the perfect place to network and live in to see if maybe this is the place for you after you graduate. After all, NYC harbors some of the most influential news outlets in the world, so it is something to keep in mind.


4. Quito

Though Ecuador isn’t the first city that comes to mind when you think journalism, it does fulfill certain requirements based on what courses you need to take before graduation. Seeing as every journalism major must declare a minor. If your minor happens to be Spanish then Quito could be where you finish up those requirements while being immersed in Spanish language and culture. If not, then you may want to stick to the above three cities during your study abroad decision making.


5. Paris

This applies especially to journalism majors who may want to have a career in fashion journalism, seeing as Paris is practically the fashion capital of the world. It would be useful if you have a minor in French as well, but if not learn the language and discover a city where fashion trends are constantly born!


Whichever city is most appealing to you, your study abroad experience will most definitely be something you will always remember. If you still can’t decide between any of these destinations, just remember that whatever you choose will be a new and exciting journey during your college experience!


Natalia Senanayake

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