Ah, new semester, new… scandals? Seeing as people just love to talk, it’s safe to say that gossip is inevitable and that a fresh semester especially calls for plenty of gossip. Here are five things that IC students are already talking about after being back for only a few days!

1. The scandal surrounding President Shirley Collado.

This one is probably the biggest piece of gossip right now especially in light of the #metoo movement. The school newspaper, The Ithacan, released an extremely well-written and detailed report regarding the new President, Shirley Collado. The story summarizes how President Collado was convicted of sexually abusing a female patient while working as a therapist in 2001. Collado sent out an email over Winter break to every IC student in response to the Ithacan story in which she denies ever having sexual contact with the patient, however she did admit to allowing the patient to live with her for a time. The situation certainly is messy, and there are definitely arguments to support both sides, so many students are wondering what next steps will be taken by the President in the weeks to come.

2. The kid who shouts profane things across campus at night.

On a lighter note, this next one may seem a little odd. Every IC student looks forward to hearing this one unidentified kid shout the same word at the same time across campus. Though the word is too explicit to discuss, this mystery student shouts it out of his/her window each night so loud that it echoes around the entire school. It can be heard by various resident halls and most students are wondering who this kid is, why they do it, and why are they doing it EVERY night? Honestly, most students find it pretty funny and even shout back to see if they can get a response, but it certainly is a mystery waiting to be solved.

3. The new Gimme! Coffee kiosk.

So, this kiosk has been around for a semester, but it is still one that many students do not know about. Located in the Business School, the new(ish) kiosk serves Ithaca’s favorite, Gimme! Coffee, along with delicious pastries. Since it is new, it is by far the nicest place to get coffee and it even has plenty of seating for students to get work done. Make the trek to the Business School and try it out if you haven’t already!

4. RA switches

This is one of the lesser interesting pieces of gossip, but a new semester calls for new RAs, meaning you might not have the same RA as you did your fall semester. Just when you think you were getting used to your RA, they of course have to leave and be replaced with a completely new person with a completely new set of rules. So, the real gossip here is who is your new RA, how chill do they seem, and whether or not your floor can get used to them. Here’s hoping!

5. What’s new in the party scene

Gossip about parties is something that happens every semester, but let’s not forget that the weather will eventually be getting warmer, seniors will be graduating soon, and there are new people just starting at IC either as an incoming freshman or a transfer. The dynamic at parties is sure to be different this semester, but as long as you are being safe and looking out for your friends you will still have the same fun!

There you have it – lots of gossip this semester, and probably more to come. Though some of it is troubling news, you also to have to remember to be open minded and cautious when it comes to hearing gossip. Try not to get too caught up in it and make sure to never jump to conclusions about what you hear, but besides that, happy gossiping!


Natalia Senanayake

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