The talk of IC last week was the sudden fire that occurred in a freshman resident hall, causing chaos and commotion among students for almost an entire day. Did you hear about it but aren’t sure what was real and what was a rumor? Keep reading to get the entire rundown of the major event.

1. The fire started in East Tower.

Last Thursday, at approximately 8:50am, the fire alarm awoke many students and forced them to leave the comfort of their bed into the cold morning air. Some even had to leave mid shower with only a towel and sopping wet hair to accompany them outside. Many thought it was a drill and were annoyed at the early start, but once people started talking and all of the fire trucks showed up, they realized something was actually wrong.


2. It was started by an unattended hot plate.

In the list of prohibited objects given out to all students by their RAs, having a hot plate is one of them. What caused the fire was a student leaving his hot plate on while taking a shower. Though leaving it on and unattended was certainly his first mistake, having a hot plate comes in a close second because of how easily they can catch fire to surrounding objects. As a result, health and safety checks are being given to all students in East Tower, and it will result in a fine for any prohibited objects seen in the room.


3. The 10th floor, followed by the 11th and the 9th, was impacted the most.

Although the fire was confined to just one room on the 10th floor, the sprinklers went off on the entire floor and the ones above and below it. So, although there wasn’t much damage caused by an actual fire, there was severe water damage to these floors affected. Many students’ belongings were ruined and the school is paying for their clothes to be dry cleaned. They also brought a recovery and restoration team in to help repair any electronics that were destroyed.


4. The entire building was closed for the day.

Due to the damage caused by the fire and sprinklers, the whole building was closed from the time of the fire until 5:30pm in order to give the clean-up crew enough time. This was problematic for many students, especially those who ran out in a towel or shorts, because they didn’t have the proper attire or supplies to be prepared for their classes. Of course, professors understood due to the circumstance, but it left the East Tower residents very annoyed. Many had to wait around in the library or Campus Center in between classes because they could not return to their room. All students on the tenth floor had to be relocated for the night as well.


5. Damage was caused to both elevators, leaving many students uneasy.

Both elevators stopped working due to the fire which was unfortunate for students living on the 6th floor and beyond. The elevators were having trouble before and breaking down randomly, but the fact that the fire caused so much damage to certain floors and the elevators left many students uneasy. Some even got angry and sent rude emails to RAs and the head of East Tower, despite the fire being out of their control.


The fire certainly caused a ruckus on campus and word quickly spread until almost every student knew about it. Moral of the story? There are prohibited items for a reason. So, make sure you follow the guidelines instead of taking it as a light suggestion, and be cautious when it comes to using dangerous appliances. Just remember, one small mishap and everyone can be impacted, not just you.


Natalia Senanayake

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