We all have to suffer through some boring yet required courses sometimes, and you may find Journalism Research to be one of those classes you just don’t look forward to in your day. Whatever perception you have of it probably isn’t what it actually is, but keep on reading and you may find some clarity.

1. It is required for journalism and doc studies majors.

Whether this course sounds appealing to you or not, you are literally forced to take it if you are one of the above majors and want to earn your degree. It is only one semester long, but it can definitely get tedious enough to make you question the system and your major. Just hang in there, it’s one requirement done then on to the next.

2. If you hate numbers, you may hate this course.

Seeing as this course is heavily focused on data journalism, you better bet that numbers and even calculations will be a reoccurring theme throughout. For those math lovers out there, this will be a breeze. But seeing as you are a journalism major, it might not be a walk in the park. You can’t even dodge the bullet because it is required, but it is good to know what you are walking into well before taking the class. This way, you can mentally prepare yourself.

3. You might start out the class wondering what it’s even about.

The title of the course is a little misleading. You probably think it’s learning how to research for a story but on a broader scale, when in reality it is pretty specific to data journalism only. As classes go on, you will get to know useful databases and hear lectures about what the class will eventually teach you. Until then, the first class will leave you feeling pretty confused – just hang in there.

4. You will rarely use the full hour and forty minutes.

Like your breakout session for Intro to Journalism, you will find that using the entire class time of an hour and forty minutes rarely happens. Usually, you will finish within an hour and be free to go on with your day after that. On the off chance that you do use the whole time, the class feels painfully long. You can have some piece of mind, however, knowing that the majority of classes will be short and sweet.

5. Buy the eBook!

Everybody hates buying textbooks. They are usually only used for about one semester and it’s meaningless after that, which you will find to be true of the Journalism Research required text. Because of this, you should only buy the cheapest version of the book that you can, which most likely will be the eBook. A used text is always good, but it will still be way more expensive than the $27.99 online version. Don’t waste any more money than you need to. You already pay enough in tuition!

There you have it – Journalism Research is not everyone’s favorite, but it provides useful information in order to eventually become a successful journalist. No matter how much you may love your major, its required courses are not always going to be what you expect them to be, but that’s okay. The more you learn the more you grow!


Natalia Senanayake

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