In order for a club to be successful, it needs adequate funding run by organized individuals. You can always benefit from fundraising, whether it’s finally going on that trip everyone’s been wanting or that activity that the club has constantly been asking you to do. It is up to the club members to determine how to raise this money and through what type of fundraiser, so in case you’re unsure of how to go about it read these five helpful tips to make sure it’s a successful one!

1. Always set up somewhere in Campus Center.

If you’re trying to raise a LOT of money for your club, and you probably are, then you are going to want to set up shop where a lot of people will see you. Campus Center is the way to go for this because almost every student passes through here at least once in their day, whether they are going to class, the dining hall, or picking up a package. Not to mention Freshens is right in the heart of CC so you will especially catch students when they are grabbing their morning coffee or smoothie. There is no better place to attract the attention of all types of students than right here in Campus Center.


2. Make your table hard to miss.

That being said, just because your table is there doesn’t mean they are going to stop and look at it. Whatever you are doing to raise money, whether it be advertising tickets for a showcase or selling candy grams, you need to make your table as extra as possible. Seriously, sprinkle glitter all over the table so that it forces students to look, or play videos and music that have to do with your club. Anything above and beyond will transform your table into something students want to stop and look at rather than merely glancing at it on their way to class.


3. Advertise on social media.

Your club should have some sort of social media presence, and if you don’t then you should get on that stat. You need these resources for a reason because they are the primary way of getting whatever message across that your club needs to. Hence why you should plaster an advertisement for your fundraiser all over each account so that it pops up on the feeds of many IC students. Want to be even more extra? Try to get everyone in the club to post it somewhere on their accounts too so that you are reaching a wider range of people. The more people that know about it, the better!


4. Incorporate something local to catch students’ attention.

Again with attracting people’s attention, people are more likely to stop if you have something to offer them. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this, but something as simple as offering small AWAKE chocolate bar samples or other local, campus favorites will put your table at first priority. It doesn’t hurt to ask organizations to donate samples or sponsor your club either; it’ll be worth your while to at least try!


5. Organization is key.

You can’t exactly have a successful fundraiser if no one is there to work the table, which is why having an organized schedule of tabling shifts is crucial to its success. Organization in general is an essential when it comes to fundraising. You need to make sure you reserve a table in CC, inform club members what is required of them, and buy decorations for the set up all well in advance so that it comes together in time. One slight mess up and the whole thing could get ruined, so make sure someone reliable is organizing it, and more importantly just make sure it’s organized.


With these helpful tips you are one step closer to making bank for your club, now all you have to do is execute each one. It may seem like a process, and it certainly isn’t the most fun thing your club could be doing, but it is definitely necessary in order to make your club the best it could be. So just get it done and then enjoy all the possibilities that your club worked hard for!


Natalia Senanayake

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