One of the best things about college is being a part of a community, a social media community that is. What better way to connect with your peers on campus than through various accounts located on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you name it. They give you a behind the scenes look at what really goes on at IC, and with that being said here are the top 5 accounts that you need to be checking out if you haven’t been already!

1. The Tab Ithaca

You can find @thetabithaca on Instagram to learn about the latest news happening on campus with a few random polls here and there. Their motto is “For IC students, by IC students,” which is something they stay true to in all of their posts. This account is more for fast news, giving you all of the most relevant information about an incident that has just happened. When the fire at East Tower occurred, they were quick to provide students with all of the details they knew so far about the fire in a straightforward maanner. They also put fun little polls up on their Instagram story that students can participate in and see what their peers vote for. The best part is, they are a school club, so if you love The Tab Ithaca so much you can apply to join them!


2. Overheard at IC

This Facebook account is probably one of the funniest social media accounts that IC students follow, because it is literally students posting all of the stupid things they hear people say on campus. Once you are accepted into the group any IC student is free to post about whatever funny thing they hear, and it is not run by the school so it is uncensored. If you’re looking for a laugh, or to give someone else one, definitely check out Overheard and maybe try your hand at posting.


3. Barstool Ithaca

Another Instagram account, Barstool Ithaca is kind of the I’m Shmacked of IC. They are affiliated with @barstoolsports and you can find them under the account name @barstoolithaca. Most of their posts consist of funny things that happen at bars, parties, and sports events. Also, if you have a cute dog you can DM them a submission that they may post for their #goodboyfriday, and they also accept pictures for their #smokeshowoftheday. Check it out if sports, partying, and dogs are your thing!


4. Ithaca Memes

If the name doesn’t clue you in already, then not much will. This account, @ithacaismeme, is also located on Instagram and posts all things meme related to IC and the town of Ithaca. It’s funny and relatable, and it also has a large following so you know it must be good. Again, if you’re looking for some good, honest comedy, check out this page and laugh at some memes with your friends for a good time.


5. IC Crushes

You can find this account on Facebook, and man will you be surprised at some of the things posted here. Basically, this account is meant for people with a big crush on someone at IC to just lay it all out on the table and tell the entire account’s followers their feelings. What’s the catch, you ask? Well, every single submission is anonymous, so the person you are posting about will just know they have a secret admirer and your identity will be in the clear. You can drop subtle hints as to who you are if you’d like, but if you aren’t that bold then the anonymity of it is great. This group is also entirely student run, so there is no censorship and some of the stuff you read here is very…interesting, to say the least. It’s a cute account, but you can also have a good laugh reading all of the absurd things people say when they are anonymous. Check it out!


Censored or uncensored, all of these accounts are relatable to IC students in some way. They provide you with a good laugh, or a good story, but most importantly they are something to be shared with between the entire student body. Social media is a way of connecting with others, so you might as well give these accounts a look and see what connections result from it. After all, you’re on your phone 24/7 anyways, so what’s stopping you? Go look now!

Natalia Senanayake

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