1. We have absolutely no school spirit whatsoever


From the moment you step foot on campus, you don’t see or hear anyone that’s excited about being a part of the JMU community. The most disappointing experience of all though, is just how unenthusiastic people are during home football games.

2. Everyone is really mean and unwelcoming

Getting acclimated to JMU culture is especially hard since you rarely see smiling faces around campus. People aren’t interested in showing up to on-campus community events like football games or acapella concerts, so good luck finding friends!

3. And forget about the food, it’s totally gross

Even though it’s been ranked as one of the best universities to eat at by the Princeton Review (climbing up to number two in the nation in 2013), JMU’s food really isn’t that good. The campus only has 24 places to buy food from, three of which are buffet-style dining halls. Clearly, JMU is not concerned about providing enough quality fresh food for their student body.

4. Did I mention the campus is hideous?

You will rarely see beautiful landscape pictures of JMU since the campus lacks natural scenery. The Shenandoah Valley is anything but a pretty sight to see, which is why so many JMU students hate being outside. You’ll never bump into students taking photos of the mountains surrounding the school or just enjoying a beautiful day. It’s really quite sad.

5. There’s nothing to do, so prepare to bore yourself to death!

JMU is known as one of the most boring schools in Virginia since there aren’t any parties here. Sure there may be more than 25 Greek organizations that establish their presence on campus, but none of them throw parties and the few times they do, they sure as hell aren’t big or inclusive. Trust me, the night life here is dead…especially on weekends.

6. No one embraces the arts here!

Besides the two state-of-the-art buildings that house the School of Art Design and Art History and the School of Theatre and Dance, you never see students producing or enjoying art on campus. Now, they might try to fool you with the fact that they have six art galleries on campus that are used throughout the year for both student and professional artwork, but trust me, JMU students could care less about that kind of stuff.

7. We’re stuck in the awfully dull town of Harrisonburg, VA

Other than the 26 restaurants, 6 coffee shops, and 4 breweries that are all downtown and locally owned the town is a real snoozer. Their monthly salsa nights, drag shows, and movie festivals might be worth going to, but honestly, who would want to live in town that offers a diverse set of activities like that?

8. No one has a sense of humor around here

In case you haven’t already figured it out, no one knows how to have fun here. No one smiles or laughs since students and faculty alike don’t know how to have a good time. It’s not like JMU’s administration released an official video about a fake bell ringer on April fools day or anything…

9. You’re not inspired to learn anything or make a difference

JMU likes to say that their motto is “be the change” but students don’t actually follow through with it. Though they provide scholarships to fund students’ groundbreaking projects that have affected people’s lives over the years, it’s really not all that impactful.

10. No one finds their place here

The few students that have chosen to stay here don’t ever seem happy about their experiences. I just can’t imagine why they anyone would want to go to JMU…


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