JWU is a diverse college where people from different parts of the world come together. You can’t expect to meet people like yourself. If you’re lucky enough you’ll make friends. You must prepare for all the different personalities and opinions of others. So to save you the nail-biting and facepalming here are the types of people at JWU.

The Perky Peach

Once you go to orientation you will meet plenty of perky people that have no problems being social. They’re the ones that bring the group together and try to open up the introverts. Anytime you need a strike of confidence a perky person can do the job.  If you’re the type that tries to avoid them, try to blend in with the others. For the most part, they are helpful and don’t mind cheering people up.


The Couch Potato

They would be spotted wearing sweatpants and a cartoon shirt. They can get the best snacks in the biggest size for a cheap price. If you need a cuddle buddy to watch your favorite show with, call them up. Just don’t expect them to go out much, especially somewhere without free food.

The Workaholic

They’re the ones who have 3 jobs and take 7 classes every day. The only free time they have is to take a nap. They’re usually the smartest one in every friend group. If you need some help with your homework they can come in handy. Beware of the organized desk and folders, the last thing you want to do is mess it up.

The JWU Spirit

They are the ones that don’t wear anything without the college mascot on it. Most of them don’t even play for the school. They just like to hype up the average college student with the JWU cheer. You’ll catch them at Frat parties getting blacked out drunk every Saturday. They have the hookups to the best parties in Providence, it wouldn’t be bad to keep them close.

The Bulldog

The roughest type of person you’ll meet. Anytime there is a problem, they don’t mind handling it with full force. Don’t say anything bad about them unless you’re prepared to say it to their face. They usually have a perky peach as a close for emotional stability. Only one friend can calm them down during a time of rage.

The Party Pumps

When it’s 9pm on a Saturday night and all you here is clock clock clock. Blame the girls that won’t hesitate to wear a pencil skirt in -15° weather. They go to all the clubs no matter what the price to get in is. It doesn’t stop there, the high heels stay on all day. They do have the hookups to the best parties as well.



The Drama Llama

They can’t survive without a daily dose of juicy gossip. There is no college where drama doesn’t exist. There is a person that can’t wait to hear all about it. They don’t even need it for gossip just so they know everything that’s going on. Everybody has a little drama llama inside them, it depends on how much you feed it.

Two girls girlfriends gossiping


The Pretentious Peafowl

In every group, you have the one upper that has to bring up all the great things they did. It’s not like it’s important information, it’s so the conversation won’t stray from them. You can’t bring up anything that they can relate to at all. The conversation will revolve around them. They can be good to befriend but this is the trait that everyone hates.



The Fandom Fanatic

The minute you go into their room you’ll see all the sci-fi posters on their wall. People that love anything fiction, anime, manga, sci-fi etc. Don’t say anything that they won’t agree with because they will give you a mouthful. They can be one of the most creative people though.



The Normies

Let’s just say they’re the only ones that can give you a break from all the chaos. They have a regular schedule, they don’t party too much. Usually not noticeable because there isn’t a lot of them. No matter what anybody says, they make the best friends. You don’t expect them to get on your nerves too much.



So many students attend Johnson & Wales University, you can think of all the personalities. Some you enjoy and others that you don’t like. This list should give you a clue of what kind of people you’ll meet. Besides, a few of these people could be you and your friends.


Queen Jordan

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