Once you start to believe that your homework assignments and test were hard. BOOM! Exams hit you right in the face. This is the time where everyone panics and the library gets packed. These steps are to help you relax while you’re studying or getting ready for your exam. Hopefully, you end up with less gray hairs on your head.

Study Group

Find some kids that have the same class you have trouble in. Ask them if they would like to form a study group with you. Just come together with all the notes you all have collected and study together. Do this before exam week even starts so you guys won’t scrabble for notes. This will make studying a whole lot easier for you and other people.



Stretch Routine

Some folks need to stretch out a little while studying. A little meditation could do wonders for the mind. Just breath in for 5 seconds and then breath out in 10 seconds. It’ll feel like the boulder size stress on your shoulders are rolling off. Even a five-minute yoga each hour would do just fine. Finish it off with a nice glass of cold water.



Pick Me Up

Nothing helps like a cup of coffee, a hot beverage made to your liking. Go to Starbucks or any cafe to you get your wake up call. If you don’t drink coffee then find another beverage that can keep you working hard. Doesn’t matter if it’s Red Bull or even Monster energy drink. If you would like something healthy, water is the go-to beverage.

drinking water gif



The best thing that can help someone study is music. Some Panic At The Disco or even Kendrick Lamar can finish a two-hour session into 20 minutes. Either play it out loud or use headphones just make sure it’s a banger. Music is known for beating stress so it is very helpful during exam week. It is also good for memorizing so if you have a quiz you probably remember more by hearing the music.



Untangle your hair from your fingers, you won’t be pulling them out during exams. These are to help you relax and focus while everybody else panics. These tips can become very helpful to others, not just you. Why not help your friends and share this advice. Study smart and good luck on your exams.


Queen Jordan

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