At Johnson & Wales University you have to live on-campus during your first year. Some people like staying in a dorm but others don’t. Some people have second thoughts about it. This article will show you all the benefits and how getting your own place is a good idea. Here are reasons why you should live off-campus.


If you’re tired of having the RA knock on your door live off-campus. You can do what you want without having to worry. You don’t have to worry about coming back too drunk. Also, you don’t have to sign your friends into a dorm every second. You can do more while living off campus than on-campus.



Now one thing that JWU students realize during their first year is on-campus is expensive. When you add up all the other expenses like utilities and food it’s very clear. You would probably spend $500 less while living off-campus. If you have a car you can find a place with a parking area. You’ll save a lot of money living off-campus.



Think about having your own room, doesn’t that sound nice. Even if you have to get housemates to afford it. You can find a place with enough rooms so you’ll have your own private area. So if anybody wants any company over they won’t be in the way. If you want to take a nap or watch tv you can without being a bother.



It can be a bother having to register for housing each year. When you get your own house/apartment you can come back to it. Even during breaks, if you want to leave you can without the hassle. This can become your home for as long as you and any other tenants would like to.


Go out there and find your dream home, there are a lot of places available. If you would like to save a little money and have your own room go ahead. Many JWU students decide to live off-campus so see if you can room with them. Enjoy your new home for as long as you would like.


Queen Jordan

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