Once every semester Johnson & Wales open their campus grounds for visits. Family weekend is one of the events that everyone gets excited about. Lots of college students miss their family, giving them the opportunity to invite them is awesome. Just in case you think it’s a bad idea here are some reasons that will change your mind.

1. Spend Time With Family

For some people, college is a big step. Not everyone decides to stay close to home. For the students that aren’t close to home, you can bring home to you. All those moments that you guys spent on FaceTime and phone calls can stop. Don’t hesitate to call your loved ones and invite them to the JWU community.



2. Enjoy All The Activities

JWU makes sure that there are amazing activities for everyone to enjoy. Music, games, and food are available to everyone. So if you don’t have an idea about what to do, you can stay on campus. There are a whole bunch of ways to have fun on campus grounds, so enjoy it. If you don’t want to stay on-campus you can go catch a movie or go to the park.



3. Get Out Of Your Dorm

If you’re the type that stays inside a lot this could be a good idea for you. Inviting your family gives you a reason to leave your dorm room. If your the type of student that is more comfortable with familiar faces this is a good idea. Just invite your family and enjoy your weekend with them.


4. Your Family Can Meet Your Friends Family

Nothing is more fun than meeting the people that influenced your friends. Especially the ones that raised them. You can poke fun at all their similarities and they’ll do the same. Just hang out together like a superfamily, it’s will be the best thing ever. It’s a good way for your parent/guardian to make new friends.



5. Your Family Will Stop Worrying

Now getting a phone call from your parent(s) once in a while is okay. Sometimes it goes overboard and they call every day. Usually, the parent(s) of freshman students worry the most about their child’s surroundings. A quick visit helps a lot, it’ll show your parent(s) that there is nothing to worry about.ache-adult-depression-expression-41253


Hopefully, these reasons can convince you to invite your family. You might end up having fun and enjoying your time with your family. You should do it at least once or twice. Even if your family can’t attend you might be able to enjoy it with others.


Queen Jordan

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