There will come a time when you’re sick as a dog and you need to get rid of it. You may think it’s a simple flu but it could get worse. Your mom refuses to take a two-hour ride so she can send you soup. Don’t worry there are many things JWU can offer to help you out. So here are ways to get over a cold at Johnson & Wales:

 Health Services

Why not go visit a nurse to see what’s wrong with you? Some students get drastically sick, you never know what from. You may have the stomach flu or food poisoning. It’s smart to get a quick check-up to keep it safe. While you’re there they can give you some medicine that’ll last for a week. Make sure you have your Johnson & Wales ID so you can sign in.



Not everybody has medicine that can work for a cold/flu. Stop by JWU‘s Marke Place to get some Dayquil for that cough. Johnson & Wales want their students to be able to get what they need for a reasonable price. There are things like heat patches and cough drops. If you don’t feel like taking a long walk to a CVS it would be the best thing to do.



In your college life, sleep is the number one thing you need. Between studying, doing homework and partying you don’t get much of that. You have to sacrifice something for the greater good. JWU is known to have the best parties but getting better is more important. You might as well skip class so you can get your 8 hours of sleep.



Nothing like a hot cup of tea to soothe your throat. Maybe drop a peppermint inside to steer up your senses. Water helps a lot too, it flushes out the sickness. At least eight cups of water a day will do just fine. There so many places around JWU Campus that you can get a drink from. Go to Snowden Diner and get some hot apple cider.


Eat Healthy

Even though you’re sick, it doesn’t mean you have to starve. It wouldn’t be a good idea to eat junk food the whole time. Try some fruits and crackers when snacking on something. You do need to eat some meat and veggies for a good meal. Johnson & Wales has many restaurants like City Burger and BYOB. Your swipes or flex to get a meal when you’re hungry.


In about a week or so you should start feeling better. Try not to spread whatever you got to other JWU students. Either way, once you get better you’ll be able to go party and have some fun. Don’t forget to do all these things in order to get better. Try your best to not get sick again and enjoy your year at Johnson & Wales.


Queen Jordan

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