Every school has something almost all students engage in whether it be eating in the dining hall, sleeping till 9:30 on a weekend or ordering dominos once a week. Keene State has 10 things nearly all students on campus do or will do if you’re an incoming freshman.

1.Getting Through Orientation

Once you have said yes to becoming an owl, it is required that every student goes through the week-long orientation session at the end of August before classes. This consists of waking up at 7 a.m. and meeting your O leader until 6 p.m. that night. You do a bunch of activities such as cleaning the Keene community, listening to multiple speeches, watching skits/plays, going over the rules for campus safety and lastly doing icebreakers to get to know one another. It is a great opportunity to make friends, which most of them will stick by you until the end of your four-year journey.


2. Ramunto’s Pizza will become the New Favorite

In the beginning of the year, Ramunto’s offers one free slice of pizza to all Keene State College students. Almost all students take advantage of this offering. Ramunto’s becomes the go-to when craving a late-night snack.


3.Monadnock is the Place to Socialize

Whether a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior at one point during your KSC experience, you will enter the halls of Monadnock. Monadnock is a first-year residence hall known as “mona” having more of a wild side. If you live in Monadnock you are considered the night owl up until the crack of dawn. Thursday-Sunday the halls are inundated with students socializing. It is a great way to make friends and get to know people from all different backgrounds.


4.Night is Margarita’s Night

Many of the downtown stores and restaurants offer discounts to Keene State students on certain days. Margarita’s the local Mexican restaurant, serves half off entrees to all Keene State students on Wednesday’s. You will notice KSC students will become sick of the DC (Dining Commons) and will take advantage of Margarita’s offering.


5. All your Owl Cash will be spent at Lloyd’s within the first 2 months

Almost all KSC students avoid the DC (Dining Commons) due to its lack of variety. Lloyds the local market/deli on campus is open all day until 11pm at night. It is likely you will find a long line of students buying breakfast sandwiches, pizzas, or mozzarella sticks. Depending on your meal plan, there is a possibility of having money on your owl card. Usually, all KSC students spend that money within the first two months of being there.


6.Walks to Walmart

At some point, every KSC student will have to take the long walk to Walmart. Typically once every week or two, groups of students will walk through the back trails of campus to go to there. Most of the students dread the walk due to it being terribly cold out.


7. Stir Fry

The DC (Dining Commons) has a very small selection, but almost every student on campus has or will eat the weekly stir-fry. The stir-fry bar is where you pick your meat and vegetables and have the chef cook them in front of you. You pick your choice of sauce at the end, such as Soy sauce, Teriyaki sauce, or General Tso’s sauce.



Sizzlers are the sandwich served in the Night Owl Cafe and is something almost all KSC students will fall in love with.


9.You Hardly Go to The Redfern

As a KSC student, you’ll notice that no matter where you live, the Redfern Arts Center feels like a mile away. Most students never go there and if they do, there is a tendency of getting lost. The building is massive in size and seems like a maze when you enter.


10.Mac and Cheese Is a Nightly Occurrence

Almost all KSC students avoid the DC (Dining Commons) especially at night due to the cold. The Macaroni and Cheese cups become the nightly snack.


11.Charged for Dirty RES Hall

It is very common to get emails from the head of RES Life complaining about students putting leftover dominos boxes, macaroni, and other personal trash into the community garbage upstairs in the common room. Eventually, over time the garbage starts overflowing resulting in each student getting charged a small amount to help pay the cleaning ladies.


Every school has its perks, but Keene State’s wonderful community and enriched programs provide the ideal college experience. The cozy atmosphere, quaint downtown, and kind staff/faculty make Keene State feel like it is a home away from home.









Emma Paltauf

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