In college, studying is a must. Whether you’re looking for a place to cram late at night, or a more relaxed setting to eat and study during the day, finding the best places to study around campus can be a hard and long search. Luckily, this article is here to help minimize that search and to help you find your study niche… or is it study nook?

1. The Young Student Center Lounge

If you are someone who focuses best with a latté and a muffin with a little background noise of the hustle and bustle of coffee shops and friends, the Young Student Center lounge is the place for you.  Equipped with the Bean & Bagel coffee shop, Lloyd’s Marketplace, and Hoot & Scoot all within a few footsteps’ reach, comfy lounge chairs and couches, private restaurant-style booths, and the above pictured “flag room” dubbed by the students, the Young Student Center offers many places to seat yourself and delve into your studies. If you are somebody who would rather study in peace and quiet with zero distractions, continue reading to the next point.

2. The Mason Library

For a more quiet atmosphere, head to the Mason Library to get those grades up. Open until midnight during the week, the Mason Library is your best bet for late night cram sessions without keeping your roommate up until the ungodly hours of the evening (or morning, if you think about it).

The Mason Library has all of your reading needs, as well as multiple study rooms, comfy booths, and two floors worth of study space to meet your needs. The first floor is typically what the students have come to know as the “talking floor” whereas the second floor consists of a type of “no talking zone”. The Mason Library fits the needs of most, if not all, students, and has their own website to find books, magazines, and other forms of literature and research. Click the link for more information!

3. The Putnam Science Center Courtyard

Not many people know about Keene State‘s hidden secret. It is found in the Putnam Science Center. Walk past Keene‘s only lecture hall, through the double doors, and voila! A beautiful courtyard will open before you. The real beauty of it all is that since not many people know about it, not many people go there, leaving you peace and quiet to complete your studies. If that isn’t enough incentive, there are spots of shade and sun, so you could work on your tan and study at the same time, all while listening to birds chirp and the trees whistle in the wind. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

4. The Quad

The Quad gets its name because it is the only lawn that is sandwiched between three dorms and the Mason Library on all of campus. It is also the only lawn large enough to host casual frisbee, studying, and chilling out with friends at once. The environment on the Quad is like no other. There are happy vibes from everyone, and it gives a sense of community when everybody can be on it together. It is not a typically quiet place in the warmer seasons, so if quiet is a must for studying, the Quad isn’t going to be the smartest choice. However, if noise, happiness, and nature is your thing, enjoy!

5. Various Dorm Common Rooms

If leaving the dorm and walking through the cold snow during the winter months doesn’t sound appealing to you, the common rooms that come with your assigned dorm can be a great study place! Pictured above is the Fiske common room, equipped with a TV, pool table, and ping pong table, as well as many couches and chairs for optimum comfort and a community feel during your studies. Not only is the common room a great place to study, but it is also a great place to make new friends while doing so!

There are five study spots to use at Keene State College! Don’t know your study type? Try out each one of these places to see which one is right for you.


Emily Cormier

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