It’s about that time of year again- everyone is going crazy on deciding what classes to take for the next semester at Kennesaw State University. You don’t want to overload yourself with 18 credit hours, but you have to take at least 12 to keep that scholarship, and you need this, that, and those classes to graduate on time, and the stress just keeps piling up. Well, as a current student at Kennesaw State, I can give you some advice on which classes you may want to avoid, if you can. Here are 10 of the hardest classes at Kennesaw State University.

1. Discrete Math (MATH 2345)

If you’re a math major and you eat, sleep, and breathe math, then go ahead and sign up for this course. If not, I wouldn’t go near discrete math. Basically, it’s math without numbers, and you have to prove a whole bunch of theories, equations, and formulas without actually using numbers.

2. Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3361)

As a biology major, I love chemistry. But, for the non-science majors out there, I wouldn’t recommend taking organic chemistry for fun. It’s definitely a lot of understanding how organic molecules interact, a bunch of rules and exceptions, and it’s chemistry.

3. Computer Science (CS 1301)

This class is not an easy A if you don’t come in prepared to work on programming for several hours a day. For those of you who have a passion for programing and have been doing it before college, then it’ll probably be a breeze. If you’re new to the whole programming world, prepare yourself- it’s not easy.

4. Genetics (BIOL 3300)

Genetics is not an easy class if you aren’t interested in it. There are a lot of concepts, statistical evidence, and understanding how genes operate incorporated in this class. Obviously, if you love learning about the human genome, have a knack for understanding probabilities, and if you’re invested in biology, sign up for genetics!

5. United States History (HIST 2111)

Yeah, there are a bunch of students who love history classes for the “easy A”. But, American history includes a huge amount of information in such a short time period with extensive details. Studying and memorizing all of the information in one semester is not an easy task, so think long and hard before you decide you want to take this class!

6. Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 3105)

If you thought the sound of organic chemistry hurt your brain, I wouldn’t think twice about inorganic chemistry. Forget everything you knew about chemistry- inorganic is the equivalent of traveling to another universe.

7. Culinary (CSH 2300)

Cooking class sounds like it would be a walk in the park, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to take tests, cook in a certain way, and understand all of the tools you are using, and why you would use them. Professors conducting culinary classes generally tend to be very picky and hard graders, so an A might not be the grade you stir up at the end of the semester.

8. Mandarin (CHNS 1001)

Unless you are a fluent speaker of Mandarin, it is a very complicated language to learn. It has no relation to English, and the amount of symbols you have to memorize is incredibly large. Speaking it is another story- dialects and accents are difficult to adapt to, and learning a language as extensive as Mandarin will not come naturally.

9. Physics (PHYS 1111)

For some, physics comes naturally and the class is a joke. But, for most normal students, physics is the class that everyone dreads. I can see why- physics takes everything you know about math and science and generates word problems for you to figure out how to solve. Sure, if you love word problems, go for it; otherwise, steer clear of physics like I’ve been trying to do.

10. German (GRMN 1001)

If you are not a strong speller, don’t even consider taking a German class. The word are difficult to pronounce, spell, and understand. After trying to understand my roommate’s German composition, I thought my brain was going to explode. The words are long, speaking is difficult, and it is not an easy language to adapt to. Yes, it’s super cool, and if you’re eager to learn, then do it; but if you just need a foreign language credit, I wouldn’t take German.


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