Finding the motivation to exercise is something many people deal with. When you have school work, work, and a social life, when do people have time? At least that is the excuse. At Kennesaw State, finding the energy to go to the gym can be quite easy. Here are the top reasons why you should use the recreational center!

1. It’s Easy to Use

When you first walk in, all you have to do is give your KSU ID to the attendant at the front desk, and then you’re all good to go. There are clear signs directing you to the locations you might be looking for. The floors are conveniently set up, with weight machines in one area, cardio in another, and much more. Overall, it is very easy to use!



2. You Have a Sense of Security

Not only do the attendants filter who comes into the recreational center (KSU students and staff only), they also have employees who walk around the floors with emergency kits. When people are exercising, this gives them a sense of safety just in case anything happens. In the locker rooms, each locker has a key-less lock on it. All you have to do is input your four-digit code, and lock your door, and your stuff will remain secure while you go exercise! All in all, you don’t have to worry about your safety while exercising at KSU’s recreational center.



3. It’s Up-to-Date

All of the machines that are within the building are quite modern. Most of the cardio machines include small screens, some where you can watch TV, or even play YouTube videos! Not only can they be entertaining, but since these machines are modern, they are also safer. When safety is combined with entertainment, it creates the perfect environment for working out!



4. You’re Already Paying for It

Do you want to know why it’s free to exercise here? It’s because the cost has already been included in your tuition! Just think, do you want your money to go to waste? If you technically already have a gym membership, go see what it’s all about. Considering how expensive tuition can be sometimes, why not check it out?



5. It’s Easy to Make Friends!

Often times, students go to the gym by themselves. However, it is very easy to meet new people at the gym. For the most part, students are exercising near other students. Take out your ear bud, and say hello to the person next to you… you might share a common goal! If you have a question about an exercise or machine, don’t hesitate to ask someone around you. Remember, you are mostly all students and everyone there is also trying to live a healthier lifestyle, just like you!



With everything being taken into account, just remind yourself that a healthier lifestyle is the better option. If you have the opportunity to exercise, take it! In KSU’s recreational center’s environment, you will feel encouraged to thrive. Bring your water bottle, stay focused, and enjoy the facility!


Jordan Stewart

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