In 2015 the merger between Kennesaw State University and Southern Poly Technic University completed. For Kennesaw campus students, nothing really changed. For Southern Poly students, nothing seemed to stay the same. Open parking went away, fees went up, the food at Stingers went down, and classes became even more difficult to secure a spot in. However, not all bad things came from the change, and even if you enrolled in Kennesaw State instead of Southern Poly kicking and screaming, here’s some of the best kept secrets from both campuses to help you make the most of the merger.

1. Marietta Campus Basketball Gymmarietta_reccenter


Kennesaw campus may have more courts, but if you’re a baller wanting to get on the court and get picked up without having to wait forever, then the Marietta campus is your spot. In general, everything on Marietta campus tends to be less crowded than up in Kennesaw, but the basketball courts are also home to a fairly close knit group of friends and acquaintances who know each on a first name basis within just a few memorable visits to the courts.

2. Kennesaw Campus Climbing Gym


Rock climbing is great way to get in shape and meet new people. It may seem intimidating going into the gym at first if you’ve never done it before, but both the staff and the patrons who spend nearly all of their time in between class there will be more than happy to help you out. Also, first time visitors get a punch card for two free shoe rentals. Climbing shoes aren’t required, but they certainly help. Access to the gym is free, but shoes rentals are $2 after you run out of punches.

3. Marietta Campus Library


The Kennesaw Campus library is HUGE, but the Marietta Campus library is designed to be the perfect study spot. The bottom floor is nearly completely covered in individual study corrals complete with comfy sofa chairs for one, a bench to place your bookbag, and USB power outlets. The recent expansion of the computer floor includes café style study bars, study seats with a desk on the arm rests, and new PC and Mac computer setups. In addition to a great many study rooms, the top floor has tables, whiteboards with markers supplied, and more study corrals – without the comfy chairs.
Many people don’t utilize the study area of the library because they go once or twice during finals or midterms and see how busy it is and assume it’s that way all the time. The Marietta Campus library tends to stay pretty open during the normal school year and students can almost always find what they’re looking for fairly quickly. The librarians also do special book displays each month all with common themes so you’re always in for a treat.

4. Kennesaw Campus Green



Not so much a secret since any students who has been to Kennesaw Campus has at least seen the Green, the large open grass field in the middle of Kennesaw Campus is an extraordinary place. WiFi connection spreads throughout the entire park and the benches even have power outlets making the Green an amazing study spot on a warm weather day. The trees have low hanging branches perfect for setting up a hammock to catch a few minutes of shut eye in between classes, and if you just want to people watch, clubs, organizations, and even just groups of friends meet at the Green daily to preform activities, recruit new members, and hang out.

5. Marietta Campus Student Center



Marietta Campus students have a reputation as Monster drinking night owls who stay up all night playing video games. The students center on campus does nothing to disprove this. Ping pong tables, game console stations, pool, vending machines, tournaments and more keep students occupied during free time. Check out the equipment at the front desk and have fun competing with your friends and meeting new people.

College is fun, exciting, and terrifying all at once. Having two campuses so close together makes for endless amounts of new experiences, new friends, and exciting evenings, so next time you find yourself at a campus you’re unfamiliar with, hit up one of these spots or another place you’ve never been to and discover something good about in your rival campus.




Alaska Witham

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