When you are in college, you often find yourself too busy to take time and just enjoy yourself. You have studying, class, and sometimes work… how can you balance it all?! However, there is always one weekend that comes up, and you realize you’re free to do whatever it is you want. Other than sleeping, here are five things you can do on the weekend if you attend Kennesaw State University.

1. Go to the Town Center Mall

There is a mall about five to ten minutes away from KSU‘s campus. Sometimes the BOB even runs over to the mall! This mall isn’t as big as Lenox, but it is still a nice mall. You can grab a few of your friends, and make a fun day out of your trip over to the mall. Across the mall parking lot, there is also a Regal movie theater, so after you’ve finished a great day of shopping, you can end the night with a movie to make it the perfect day!



2. Spend the Day Outdoors

There are so many parks, fields, and much more right off of Kennesaw State‘s campus! If you are looking for a hike, going to Kennesaw Mountain is the perfect trip for you. If you aren’t necessarily in the mood for that activity, you can go to one of the many nearby parks and just soak up the sunshine. You can make it a fun day by setting a picnic, going for a walk, or just laying in the grass. Make the best of it!



3. Just Stay on Campus

Although this sounds slightly boring, there is a lot you can do on campus during the weekends. If you are more of an introvert, go to the library and crack open your favorite book. If you don’t like the idea of leaving campus, you can go to the campus green and enjoy your day there. There are also museums on campus, as well as other activities that you can always attend. These activities include cultural events, educational speeches, or even a sporting event! If you believe staying on campus is more fun for you, then open up your Owl Life and find some events going on around you.



4. Plan a Trip to Atlanta

Kennesaw State University is only around a thirty minute drive to Atlanta. Once you arrive in Atlanta, there is so much for you to do! You can walk the streets, take some cute pictures with your friends, enjoy being outside at Centennial, or fall in love with the view from the Sun Dial. There is a wide variety of local restaurants for you to choose from, and there are hundreds of stores for you to shop at. When you think you might be bored, just look up events and/or activities happening in the city… you will definitely find something!



5. Visit the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History

If you are looking for a more educational experience for your weekend, this museum is perfect for you! At this museum, you can view a collection of artifacts and relics from the American Civil War. Not only that, but you can also see the past railroads from Georgia. There is so much to see; you will not be bored!



On your weekend off, no matter which option you choose to do, you will have a great time. These are all fantastic opportunities for you to partake in, especially since you are at Kennesaw State. Enjoy your weekend!


Jordan Stewart

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