5 Best Places to Eat at Kent State University

Kent State University has been ranked in some of the best campus food in the United States. With 10+ choices on campus to choose from, this list gives you the top 5.

1. Frescos

Frescos is located in the Hub, on the first floor of the student center. Frescos specializes in Mexican food. With every order, you get a free fresh salsa from their salsa bar. The line at Frescos always looks long, but don’t worry it goes quick!Kent State University

2. Eastway

Eastway triples as the first year dorms, dining hall and market. Eastway offers more home-styled foods. With a made to order omelette bar in the morning that turns into a pasta bar at dinner time, it can’t be beat. In the downstairs market of Eastway, there is a Boar’s Head deli, which makes made to order sandwiches. The market also has all your favorite snacks and a full service Bent Tree Coffee.

Kent State University

3. Quaker Steak and Lube

In the basement of the student center is, Quaker Steak and Lube. Quaker offers wings, burgers and appetizers. With karaoke every Friday night, Quaker Steak is a great place to chill out and catch up with friends. And for everyone over 21, a bar is also available.

Kent State University

3. Grazers

Grazers is a Kent original. Grazers is a great (and tasty) healthy option. They offer many vegan and vegetarian foods along with options for the meat eaters. Word on campus is that Grazers has the BEST mac and cheese.

Kent State University

4. Prentice

Prentice also triples as dorms, a dining hall and a market. What makes Prentice more special is, it’s all gluten free. Prentice offers a burrito bar and also a made to order smoothie bar! Upstairs in the Munchies market there is wrap station. Kent State University

5. Rosie’s Diner

Rosie’s 24 hour diner is located in Tri Towers rotunda. When you order at Rosie’s you use a electronic menu (comparable to Sheetz.) Rosie’s is the only 24 hour option on campus at the moment. While you wait you can shop at Rosie’s market, which is attached to the diner. Kent State University

While there are so many more good dining options, these are just some of the 5 that make Kent State the best dining experiences in America.

Paige Wilson

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