College is filled with a variety of people. They all may seem like their different from you, which in a sense is true, but you all do have one thing in common which is La Salle. Here are the 5 major types of people you’ll definitely meet at La Salle:

1. The D1 Athlete

There are 25 D1 sports at La Salle that vary from men’s basketball to women’s field hockey. Whether you’re walking to class or just in your dorm, you’re guaranteed to see a D1 athlete. The classic D1 athlete is either studying, practicing, working out, or participating in a game. The easiest indication of a D1 athlete is if they are wearing any piece of clothing that says their sport on it, because if we are being honest, they wear them everyday they can.

2. The Frat Guy

Every college has one…or many. The classic frat guy wearing sperry’s and khakis and a button down shirt or just wearing his frat’s shirt with their letters on it. La Salle has many different frats and if you’re a partier, your guaranteed to walk into one of their houses within your 4 years at La Salle.

3. The Sorority Girl

Sororities at La Salle aren’t really spoken about a lot. But there are tons of sorority girls. You can spot them the easiest if they are wearing anything with their letters on it. They usually host many events at La Salle like the Phi Mu football event or the pie a sister event.

4. The Commuter

Commuters at La Salle are some of the nicest people and they probably go through the toughest treks through Philadelphia just to get to class on time. Commuters often have huge backpacks filled with all of their books they need for the day. On a snow day, you’ll hear them talk about how the school needs to understand that commuters are people too and it was crazy trying to come to class.

5. The International Student

La Salle is home to many international students for the 10 months during their studies. The international students at La Salle are the most interesting people here only because they come from all different parts of the world like Vietnam and Australia to name a couple. They are getting used to the United States’ system of measurement with Fahrenheit instead of celsius and inches instead of centimeters.

La Salle is pretty diverse but these are the 5 major types of people you’re destined to see within your first week at La Salle. They may be different from you or maybe you’ll fit in with one of these groups.

Sean Keane

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