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Top 8 Residences at Langara College 

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James Brandon
10 Oct 2018
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Langara College is a public degree-granting college in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada and serves approximately 22,000 students annually through its university, career, and continuing students programs. The following are residences that are around the institution.

1. Seymour

Seymour Bedroom Residence Address: 1022 Seymour Street, Vancouver, V6B 0G1 The house contains up to 187 student beds. It has two types of rooms’ one bedroom suite and two bedroom suite. They both have private bathrooms and the rooms are furnished. The house has the following facilities a gym, spa, TV room, air conditioning, laundry facilities among others. there is free Wi-Fi in the rooms and communal areas.

2. Richards

A bedroom at Richards Residence Address: 1388 Richards Street, Vancouver, V6B 3G6 There are 133 student beds with three types of namely level studio suite for 4 with a private bathroom, one bedroom and two bedroom suite with private bathroom. The rooms are fully furnished with free Wi-Fi. Other facilities include a gym, social spaces, spa, Tv room, laundry facilities among others.

3. GEC Granville

GEC Granville Residence Address: 718 Drake St, Downtown, Vancouver, V6Z 2P3 The house has up to 220 students and is located on the famous Granville Street, home to Vancouver’s liveliest nightlife, so you’ll never have to walk far for a fun night out. Room types available include Queen Room, Double Room with Two double beds, King Room with kitchenette, and a double room with two double beds plus kitchenette. Students share bathrooms in this house. There is Wi-Fi, TV room, the card of the coin-operated laundry room, shared kitchen, library or study area among other facilities.

4. GEC Viva

GEC Viva Residence Address: 1311 Howe St, West End Vancouver, Vancouver, V6Z 2P3 There are three types of rooms shared a room, private room, and the entire place. Shared room: include a shared bedroom economy, shared bedroom standard and shared bedroom premium. Rooms are fully furnished, there’s a gym and there are laundry facilities. Private room: include Semi-Private Bedroom – Economy, Private bedroom – Standard, and Private bedroom – Premium. There access to a laundry room and a gym. Entire Place: include Room details for 1 Bedroom Apartment – Standard and Room details for 1 Bedroom Apartment – Premium.

5. Ocean Park Place Apartments

Ocean Park Place Apartments Residence Address: 990 Broughton Street, West End Vancouver, Vancouver, V6G 2A5 The apartments can house up to 101 students. Rooms include Studio with a private bathroom, 1 bedroom for three with a private bathroom, and a 2 bedroom for 5 with a private bathroom. Facilities that are available include car parking and a laundry room. The property is pet-friendly.

6. Georgian Towers

Georgian Towers Residence Address: 1450 West Georgia Street, West End Vancouver, Vancouver, V6G 2T8 The Georgian Towers accommodates 204 students. There are two types of rooms; one bedroom with a private bathroom for 3 and two bedrooms with one bathroom for five students. Facilities that are available for the students include a gym, laundry room, and a car park.

7. International Plaza

International Plaza Residence Address: 1989 Marine Drive, North Shore, Vancouver, V7P 3E9 The residence is 10 minutes from downtown Vancouver giving students the opportunity to spend their weekends exploring Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium. The complex accommodates 532 students. There are two types of rooms that are 1 bedroom with its own private bathroom and 2 bedrooms but with one bathroom that the students will share. Other facilities include a laundry room, shared kitchen, car park, and an outdoor area.

8. GEC Burnaby Heights

GEC Burnaby Heights Residence Address: 438 Gamma Avenue, Burnaby, V5C 2K9 The apartment houses 300 students with three types of rooms shared a room, private room, and entire place. A shared room accommodates 2 students and they will share a bathroom. The room is fully furnished, with a TV room, laundry room, and a wheelchair access.  The private room houses one student and has a private bathroom with the same facilities as a shared room. The entire place has two types of apartments 1 bedroom apartment for one student and 2 bedroom apartment both with a private bathroom. The apartment has free Wi-Fi, TV room, laundry room, and a wheelchair access.

Here is your Move-In Day Packing List at Langara College

1. Room Basics

A campus room- Bed sheets, blankets, and comforter - Shower caps, towels, showers shoes, sandals - Mattress pad with covers - Pillows and pillowcases - Toiletries - Utensils - Kitchen equipment - Desk lamp and bulbs - First aid kit - In season clothing

2. Food and Snacks

Snacks- Forks and knives - Refillable water bottle -  Bowls - Breakfast cereal - Juice - Biscuits

3. Tech and Entertainment

Radio - Electronic chargers - MP3 players - Netflix - Headphones - Laptop

4. School Supplies

Books, pens and pencils - Books - Notebook - Pens - Marker pens - Paper clips - Stapler and Paper punch

5. Cleaning Up and Organizing

Someone pouring cleaning detergent into a bucket - Shoe Rack - Fabric softener - Dish soap - Towels - Drain cleaner - Vacuum

6. Campus Gears

Branded T-shirts - Campus branded clothes (T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, and jackets) - Bag pack - Umbrella - Walking shoes - Sunscreen

7. Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

Ask First - Pets - Furniture - Refrigerators - Halogen lamps - Hoverboard


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