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Top 10 Coolest Courses at Langara College

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4 Dec 2018
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To have a fun time in college, students need to choose the courses that interest them, that way they can have fun going to class. There are electives that every students get to choose, there are a lot of courses that students can choose from. To make it easier for students here is a list of the top 10 coolest courses at Langara College.

1. FINA 1120 -  Introduction to Drawing 1

a person drawing a dog This is a courses that students can take as their elective if they are interested in art and would like to get to know how to draw and the fundamentals. As a first year course it is an easy course where everyone will do well.

2. JOUR 1100 - Journalism Research Techniques

stack of newspaper placed on table For the students that are in a program similar to journalism or would like to know about it than this would be a great course to learn about the research techniques in journalism as it is very important when it comes to journalism.

3. FINA 1161 - Foundation Sculpture

grey flying eyes sculpture Sculptures is something we see everywhere and we tend to stare at it for a while because of how cool it is sculpted by the person. If you would like a chance to sculpt than this class you can learn how to sculpt from the basics.

4. ENGL 1121 - Reading and Writing Skill

person sitting and reading a book For those students that are interested in the English language and would like to increase their reading and writing skills than this is the perfect course for you. This is advantage those students as they can carry this information to the other courses they have where they have to write.

5. HIST 2215 History of Drama and Theatre 1

drama and theatre performance For those students that are interested in the arts of drama and theatre and would like to know about the roots of where it came from than this is the perfect course for you. Students will learn the history of drama and theatre, to how it was different back than to know.

6. ENTR 1009 - Entrepreneurship

logo of entrepreneurship with clipboard For students that are in the business program or would like to know more about entrepreneurship to start a business than this is a great course for you. This is a relatively easy and interesting course to learn about how to start a business.

7. BUSM 3220 - Negotiating Skills

four stages of negotiation This is a cool course as you will not learn this else where. Negotiating skills is a great skill for students to learn where they can use everywhere in a day-to-day life. This is an easy course to take, it is also very fun. A great way to make good deals.

8. BIOL 1115 - General Biology 1

compound microscope For the students that love biology, this would be a great course for them to take. As this is a level one course it is an easy course. A way to learn about the microorganisms and about the body on a molecular idea. An elective students can take.

9. BIOL 2430 - Molecular Genetics

a single DNA molecule Genetics is such an interesting topic that most students are interested in as they would like to know more about their own genetics. This course will teach you the basis of DNA and the knowledge behind it. Plus more of how and what you inherit from your parents.

10. CMNS 1115 - Interpersonal Communications

people talking to each other with chat bubbles above them This course teaches students about interpersonal communication and how to communicate with people on a day-to-day basis. It will be a great opportunity for students to learn this skill for their future.


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