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Jobs and Opportunities for Students at Langara College

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David Mello
15 Dec 2018
5 min read

Over twenty-two thousand students attend Langara. This is a total that is high enough to make it one of the most attended schools in all of Canada. Situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Langara makes every student feel taken care of and valued. One of the best ways they do this is by creating and hosting a service that helps them find jobs. The best eight jobs provided by Langara are listed below.

1. Instructional Assistant

An assistant helps a student

Many local schools near Langara have job openings for students interested in the educational fields. Instructional assistants are not quite full fledged teachers, but they do teach younger students about educational methods. Often times, typing classes or computer classes are led by assistants like these.

2. Interpreter

An ASL interpreter dictates a lecture

For many students, the languages spoken in classes may be indecipherable to them. This is especially true for deaf students who have to make use of accessibility services on campus. There are interpreters for every language, but there are also ASL translators who are often hired to stand at the front of the class and sign the lectures.

3. Line Cook

A line cook uses a ladle

With so many Langara students on campus, there is a very high demand for food at school. Therefore, there is also a high demand for cooks on the campus. Many line cooks work in accordance with Langara's main chefs and they help fill in the blanks that chefs do not have as much time to complete.

4. A/V Technician

Knobs on an audio/visual board

Audio visual technicians are crucial jobs on a college campus such as Langara. Many classrooms require both services to successfully run classes that have such advanced forms of media involved. Not every professor is well versed in how to use these materials, but many students serve in assisting capacities to run these technological tools.

5. Audio Transcriber

Headphones are important for audio transcription

Many outside companies hire undergraduate students to transcribe podcasts or other such audio based materials. However, Langara also offers transcription jobs for students who go to lectures. These are also very useful for online classes as students help out those who study in a remote capacity.

6. Dish Washer

An employee washes a plate

With a large amount of students at Langara comes a large amount of food required to be cooked and eaten. And with these come many dishes to do. Dish washers are hired by the college campuses to collect dirtied dishes and help clean them in accordance with the heavy equipment that does so behind the scenes.

7. Wait Staff

A waiter takes an order

Many different events are put on by the Langara campus, including some banquet opportunities. Here, many undergraduate students serve as the staff for the events. They take orders of guests and bring the food from backstage facilities to the forefront of the events.

8. Notetaker for OneClass

OneClass logo, it offers online employment for students

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.


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