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Math Courses at Langara College

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Kelly Solak
10 Jul 2020
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Many students struggle to transition smoothly into college level mathematics. At Langara College, math courses are essential for graduation since they help lay the foundation for many career paths. LC is the alma mater of Adrian Holmes and Johnathan Young. Langara has great professors that help support the students succeed in these math courses. Here are 10 math classes at Langara College.

1. MATH 1100-Mathematics Skill Development

Image of equations on a chalkboard.

MATH 1100 is a three credit course for students to complete. This is course in the fundamentals of math for students who struggle in elementary algebra, business mathematics or statistics. This course is has 4 hours of lecture, and 1 hours of seminar.

This class may not be used as credit towards a Langara College degree. Instructors in this course vary depending on the semester schedule. This course is not recommended to students who previously completed Grade 12 Mathematics.

2. MATH 1120-Mathematics for Professional Photography

Professor sits in a group with students.

MATH 1120, Mathematics for Professional Photography, is a three credit course at Langara College. Nora Franzova is a highly rated professor for this course. This course is four hours of lecture per week for the semester.

Logarithms and exponents, an introduction to percent and trigonometry applications as well as simple and compound interest are all topics covered. This course is very interesting to students because not many schools offer math courses that pertain to photography and business. Recent successful completion of BC Math 10 is strongly recommended as a prerequisite for this course.

3. MATH 1253-Introduction to Calculus I

Students on campus at Langara college

MATH 1253 is a course that is three credits to complete over the semester. Eugene Li is a highly rated professor for the math department, and students say the information and homework is very helpful. If you want to take MATH 1253, be sure to have credit in MATH 1153 first.

Transcendental functions are the hardest topics covered in this course. Students say visiting the tutor center is an excellent way to better understand the material. Students will receive credit for only one of MATH 1153/1253, 1171, 1173, 1174, or 1175.

4. MATH 2373-Real Analysis

Professor working with students in class at Langara

This course introduces the theoretical foundations of calculus. Topics include mathematical proofs, real numbers, limits, sequences, series, continuity and differentiation. Prerequisites include one of the following, MATH 1271, 1273, or 1274, or permission of the department. Prerequisites are valid for only three years.

MATH 2373 is a three credit course for students to complete. It is four hours of lecture a week over the course of the semester. Faculty vary by each semester in this class.

5. MATH 2382- Linear Algebra Laboratory

students at langara college

This course is a one credit course for students. It is a two hour a week lab course where students work on problems with one another and continue to broaden their knowledge on linear algebra.  Topics include Polynomial Fitting, Cryptography, Computer Graphics, and Least Squares Method.

Edgar Avelino is a highly rated professor in the mathematics department. Prerequisites are that MATH 2362 can be taken while doing the lab. Prerequisites are valid for only three years, and students find this extra work very helpful for their understanding.

6. MATH 2310-Quantitative Methods in Business

Building on campus at Langara College

Basics of mathematics, calculus, and linear algebra are taught to business administration students. Things taught include linear programming, sensitivity analysis, and transportation problems. This class is required of all students in the first year UBC Commerce program.

MATH 2310 is a three credit course to complete by the end of the semester. It is four hours every week for students to attend.  A minimum "C-" grade in MATH 1171, 1173, 1174, or 1153 are needed to take the course. Prerequisites are valid for only three years.

7. MATH 1183-Computer Explorations for Calculus I

Image of many math equations.

This is the laboratory component of MATH 1173. These laboratory activities will usually involve the use of a Computer Algebra System, will give instruction about the computers and the softwares, and will involve activities designed to help students practice calculus methods on computers. MATH 1173 is a class that is taken at the same time as this lab.

This course is a 1 credit class, and is two hours a week for students to attend. Robin Susanto is a highly rated professor in the department of mathematics. Students say she is willing to answer any questions they may have!

8. MATH 1162-Finite Mathematics I

Building found on campus at Langara College

This course is three credits for students to complete. MATH 1162 is four hours of lecture a week for students to attend. Prerequisite are one of the following: a minimum "C" grade in Precalculus 11 or Foundations of Mathematics 12, an "S" grade in MATH 1150, a minimum "C-" grade in Precalculus 12, or permission of the department based on the MDT process.

This course covers mathematical models in a social, business or biological context and a consideration of specific applied problems. Some other material of historical, cultural and philosophical interest will be covered. This is a great class for students to take who only require a year of mathematics.

9. MATH 4800-Mathematics of Finance

Pretty image of buildings on campus at Langara college

Murray Besler is a professor whom is well liked among the students. Many have commented that he makes the content very easy to understand. MATH 4800 is a three credit course, and is 4 hours of lecture a week. Registration in this course is restricted to students admitted to the Post-Degree Diploma in Accounting Program.

Students will receive credit for only one of MATH 1118 and 4800. MATH 1118 may not be used to complete the MATH 4800 requirement. Topics include compound interest, simple and general annuities, amortization and sinking funds.

10. MATH 4801-Mathematics for Data Analytics

Professor working with a group of students in class.

This course consists of 2 hours of seminar a week and is one credit to completion. It is intended for students who need more practice in pre-calculus algebra and linear algebra to succeed in data analytics programs. Topics include linear equations, systems of equations, matrix operations, and quadratic forms.

Faculty vary by semester for this course. Registration in this course is restricted to students admitted to the Post-Degree Diploma in Data Analytics and Post-Degree Certificate in Data Analytics. Students with a passing score on the Data Analytics Mathematics Assessment Test are not required to complete this course.

In conclusion, Langara College has a variety of math courses that will help students have the foundation to succeed in their academics and in their careers. Hopefully, you can refer to this list to give you some ideas as to what math courses to take!


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