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10 Easiest Classes at Langara

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Aasim Yacub
4 Jun 2018
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Exhausted with the same boring demanding courses and their never-ending assignments that hog up most of your time for the day. This semester at Langara College be sure to enroll for the easier courses that could count as electives for your program. This semester does not necessarily have to be as difficult as the others and you could probably focus more on other things like your part-time job or spending time with family.

1. CHIN 1115: Beginner's College Chinese I

Interested in equipping yourself with another language. This could possibly be the course for you. The course serves an introduction to Mandarin and develops your written Chinese skills. The course is considered a very great introduction to Chinese language and culture.[caption id="attachment_63432" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Picture depicting Chinese Communists  [/caption] 

2. ENGL 1100: Reading and Writing about Literature

Interested in literary studies? The course examines texts that are based in the Canadian cultural context. The analysis of these texts provides an insight to literature in a very interesting way. This course has been reviewed as extremely engaging and easy.[caption id="attachment_66810" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Meme depicting a person explaining  [/caption]

3. THEA 1110: Acting I

Always been a drama fan? Want to give acting a shot? This course introduces you to acting using the processes of improvisation and script analysis. The course would definitely help you evolve as an actor. This is course reviewed to have a fun going and easy prof.[caption id="attachment_62452" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Picture of LED showtime  [/caption]

4. BIOL 1115: General Biology I

The course builds on the fundamentals of biology. It is considered high school review. The course is considered a grade 12 review and is necessary for taking on the other introductory Biology courses. There are hardly any assignments and the course has a very easy and straight forward final exam.[caption id="attachment_63282" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Meme of cells dividing  [/caption]

5. MATH 1100: Mathematics Skill Development

Math not your strongest subject? Need to rebuild the foundations? The course visits elementary algebra and statistics. The course is very useful for other statistics courses in other subjects like psychology and economics. The course is considered really easy.[caption id="attachment_66805" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Meme in relation to maths featuring a minion  [/caption]

6. ANTH 2250: Anthropology of Religion

Interested to know more about the evolution of religion in reference to different cultural contexts. The course explores the relationship between religion, culture and individual members of the society. The course has a few assignments and very less readings.[caption id="attachment_64596" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Different perspectives on Anthropologist  [/caption]

7. RECR 1160: Foundations of Leisure and Recreation

This is an interdisciplinary course where a relation between Psychology, Philosophy and History that underlies the evolution of leisure and recreation. The course is very engaging and fun. There are on field lab sections as well for this course.[caption id="attachment_66863" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Picture of a gymnasium with people engaged in a leisure activity  [/caption] 

8. PCCN 1201: Peace and Conflict in the Modern World

Want to know more about what the consequences for the wars in the past on shaping our modern world. The course discusses about the arms race and the dynamics of the world politics. The course is extremely useful and really informative of the current world issues.[caption id="attachment_66864" align="aligncenter" width="400"]A quote on peace  [/caption]

9. RELS 1110: Studying the Religions of the World

Want to know more about the religions of the contemporary world? The course is a must take if you are interested in knowing more about the different religions and their evolution. The course definitely helps build you as a global citizen making you more inclusive as an individual.Different perspectives on Religion Professors

10.WMST 1116: Investigating Women's Realities: An Introduction

The course provides critical evaluation on lives of women with substance. The course uses several sociological perspectives to bring to you an amazing introduction of women studies. The course is really easy and the readings are interesting.Meme featuring a know it all woman Yes! With these courses rest assured that this semester would be a stroll in the park for you. These light courses would guarantee you a stress free semester. With this new-found free time you can invest it alternatively in your part-time job, hangouts with friends or simply figuring stuff out!


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