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10 Easiest Classes at Lewis & Clark College

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Justine Alodia Casuncad
16 Aug 2018
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Lewis & Clark College provides their student the best of comfort while pursuing their college career. The enchanting woodland surrounding brings the calm after the storm vibe (well, a storm of school works) that every student would love to delight in. To top it off, they have easy classes that bring a little relief to students who are eager for a break from hard classes.

1. ART 112 - Digital Media I

Focusing on the modern technological tools of making contemporary art, students would still be hands-on in their projects as they would still do a comparison of traditional methods. Different approaches to modern art making will be introduced to the students. Making art through Photoshop

2. CLAS 254 - Ancient Greek Myth & Religion

Greek mythology is not just stories that we fell in love with as kids and teenagers, but they hold significance to the modern world. This class discusses the conception of the myths as a form of religion in ancient times and how the stories have remained as a symbol of culture and society. Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty

3. ENG 241 - Text and Image

Oftentimes, text and images accompany each other to provide more emphasis to the message. Students will learn the relationship between type text and their corresponding image symbols, the fusion of two different arts. Text and chat symbols

4. HIST 388 - What's for Dinner

Something appetizing to the mind! You'll go down the deep belly of food consumption, tradition, production, etc. and their relationship with different social factors. Students will learn more than the look and taste of the food and food trends. Man and woman sharing a plate of spaghetti

5. PHIL 203 - Philosophy of Art & Beauty

When one looks in the mirror, there can be a thousand thoughts going in the mind. Art and beauty are ideal to each and every one. Materials by Plato and Aristotle and critiques of their works will serve as guidelines for the students to make convictions with the concept of beauty. Woman looking at her own reflection

6. RHMS 375 - Queer Film and Television

This class will examine the portrayal of the LGBTQ community in mainstream media. Students will go through the depiction of them through history and how it has progressed to modern times.  Projects include papers and video essays. Gay couple in a TV show

7. SOAN 216 - Social Power and Music

Music is a powerful tool that changes the people and the society. Music is widespread that is why it has an almost limitless influence to the people. Students will examine the role of music in modern identity-formation, consumer behavior, business outcomes, and dynamics of social contestation. Woman listening to music on her headphones

8. TH 104 - Stage Makeup

Corresponding stage makeup to the characters' traits is crucial to bring out the emotions of the play and the expression of the roles. This class will be a fun way to learn the fundamentals of stage makeup and put into application with various practicum and stage plays by the school. Mermaid-inspired makeup for a production

9. TH 275 - Introduction to Playwriting

Stage plays are made into fruition by the actual story and the dialogues crafted by the writer. Students will be reading classic materials by notable playwrights and shall also be making their own as practice. Discussions would revolve around examination of dramatic action, dialogue, characterization, and structure; emphasis on writing for the stage. Female playwright writing with a vintage typewriter

10. PSY 440 - Social Construction of Madness

There is an air of taboo conception with madness in the olden times that it also brought about a lot of social, psychological, and moral issues to the public. For analysis, students will be given films, shows, and reading materials for the basis of interpretation of how the world sees the issue of insanity. Woman who is out of her mind With the winning school campus, Lewis & Clark College gives the students the opportunity to make the best out of their college career with a calming atmosphere plus these easy classes. Make sure you check out this list if you want a GPA boost!