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10 Coolest Courses At Liberty University

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Francis Nyamu
10 Jan 2019
7 min read

Liberty University, presents a golden chance for students to tailor their preferred degree. As a private non-profit institution, the school aims at preparing learners for a successful profession and career. As such, Liberty offers a variety of programs, which resultantly consists of numerous courses. The following list details the coolest courses accessible at Liberty University which you will definitely enjoy and pass easily.

1. ENGL 601- Theory and Practice of Writing as Cultural Engagement

 Students in a writing class

Writing is an important technique for effective communication and cultural engagement. In this class, scholars develop the ability to express and defend their ideas on paper. Additionally, they learn to communicate concepts based on different audiences and cultural contexts.

2. ATTR 302- Upper Extremity Injury Evaluation

 A selected topic in the course outline

Students in this class learn to evaluate injuries to the upper extremity; majorly the head, thorax, and neck. Usually, activities in this class entail laboratory experiences thus making it fun. Additionally, the course is cool because it is straightforward with engaging lecturers who guarantee academic success.

3. BIBL 810- Theology of the Gospel

 Students in a Theology of the Gospel class

As a Christian institution, Liberty University offers exciting biblical courses. Scholars in this class delight in examining the gospel and its impact on Christian life. Resultantly, learners who enroll in this class boost not only their grades but also their spiritual lives.

4. BIBL 450- Daniel- Revelation

 Revelation book study

Students whose interests are in understanding the major apocalyptic books in the Bible choose this course. Classroom sessions here involve studying the relationship between the book of Daniel and Revelation. As such, Bible students find this class interesting as they discover the apocalyptic answers they seek.

5. ECON 110- Survey of Economics

 A Survey of Economics book

Non-business majors select ECON 110 to acquire insight on economic concepts and principles. Additionally, scholars learn the fundamental microeconomic and macroeconomic theories, as well as, applications. Professors here are friendly. Therefore, students find the class exciting as they grasp economic concepts that will supplement to their grades.

6. COMS 110- Introduction to Mass Communication

 Mass Communication imagery

In this course, scholars understand the relevance of electronic media in transferring information to a mass audience. Conventionally, many students already are aware of this concept. Resultantly, learners find the class task quite easy and enjoyable.

7. MUSC 105- Music Theory 1

 Music Theory 1

Music Theory 1 is compulsory for all Music majors. This class involves professors issuing instructions regarding fundamental melodic, rhythmic and harmonic propositions of tonal music. As such, fun in this class emerges from the practical sessions while note-reading in treble clefs and bass.

8. MUSC 316- Choral Conducting

 A professor demonstrating choral conducting in class

The activities in this class make it fun and cool. Such activities include practical training in performing choral ensembles. Besides, students learn the various rehearsal techniques, as well as, ensemble management.

9. ATTR 200- Introduction to Athletic Training

 Athletic training session

This basic course introduces students to professional athletic training. As such, the course entails critical topics including training methods, athletic care, and treatment of injuries. Resultantly, the course is interesting and easy to manipulate to garner excellent grades.

10. ARTS 330- Sculpture 1

 A student in a Sculpture 1 class

Sculpting classes often occur in the studios where students use various items to make sculptures. This class enhances the skills of students whose hobbies are dealing with sculpts. More so, the learners interact with professors freely thus progress in their academics.


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