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10 Math Courses at Liberty University

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Katelyn Heuer
7 Mar 2021
7 min read

Liberty University is a private evangelical Christian university located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Some of Liberty's most notable alumni are Jerry Falwell Jr., Samantha Ponder, Samkon Gado, Seth Curry, Nick Foles, Shannon Bream and Meredith Andrew. Liberty University's main goal is to prepare their students for life after college. At Liberty, students are encouraged to take courses of all kinds, including math! Keep reading this post to learn about some of the math courses available at Liberty University!

1. MATH 100 - Fundamentals of Mathematics

arithmetic symbols and numbers

This is a great course for students who would like to review basic math topics prior to taking a higher level math class. In this course, students will review basic arithmetic and elementary algebra. The best part is that there are no prerequisites for the course. It is opened to all students who got a low score on the Liberty University placement test and/or students with inadequate preparation in math.

2. MATH 114 - Quantitative Reasoning

a Venn diagram for quantitative reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning is an important skill to have for all mathematicians and scientists. In this course, students will apply mathematical tools and analysis to practical context, with a heavy focus on proportions and ratios. The only course prerequisite is a C or higher in MATH 100.

3. MATH 116 - Logic and Social Reasoning

gears running in a person's head
Gears running in a erson's he

This course was designed for students in liberal arts majors. Students will be introduced to logic and financial math applications. Students will also learn about the application of math to elections, the measuring of political power, the apportionment of votes. The students are only required to complete one course prerequisite from the following list: MATH 110, MATH 114, MATH 117, MATH 121, MATH 122, MATH 125, MATH 126, MATH 128, MATH 131, MATH 201, or BUSI 230.

4. MATH 125 - Finite Mathematics

Liberty University student doing math problems on a piece of paper

Students will be introduced to a variety of important Finite Mathematics topics. These include symbolic logic, counting, probability, matrices, vector spaces and linear programming. The course prerequisite is MATH 108, MATH 110, MATH 126, BUSI 128, or MATH 131.

5. MATH 131 - Calculus and Analytical Geometry I

calculus topics written on a white sphere

MATH 131 will introduce students to the basic concepts in calculus. Topics include functions, graphs, limits, derivatives, differentiation, continuity, L'Hopital's Rule and integrals. Students must have completed both MATH 128 and MATH 121 prior to taking this course.

6. MATH 132 - Calculus and Analytical Geometry II

math equations written on a black board

This course is a continuation of MATH 131 in which students will continue to develop their calculus skills. Students will build on the topics covered in the previous course while learning about new topics such as integration, improper integrals, differential equations, sequences, infinite series and parameterizations of curves. Students must have taken either MATH 131 or ENGR 131 prior to this course.

7. MATH 200 - Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning

different numbers and math concepts

This course focuses on the principles of mathematical reasoning and proofs. Students will first learn about symbolic logic then move on to proofs, especially proofs by induction. In order to do this, students will study set theory, discrete structures, axiomatic systems, recursion and algebraic structures. Students must have taken MATH 132 prior to enrolling in this course.

8. MATH 201 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics

probability of 11 P(11) involving 2 dices

Like the name of the course suggests, MATH 201 is an introduction to probability and descriptive statistics. Some of the specific topics covered include probability distributions, estimation, hypotheses tests, chi-square tests, regression analysis, and correlation. Note that you must have completed one of the following courses first: MATH 108, MATH 110, MATH 115, MATH 116, MATH 121, MATH 126, MATH 128, MATH 131, MATH 1XX, or MATH 2XX.

9. MATH 231 - Calculus and Analytical Geometry III

solution to a quadratic equations

This course is a continuation of Calculus and Analytical Geometry II. Students will learn about vectors, paths, curvature, multi-variable functions, partial derivatives, parametric surfaces, curl, divergence, gradient, line integrals, Green's Theorem, Stokes' Theorem, and Gauss' Theorem. Since the material covered in this course builds off from MATH 132, you are required to take MATH 132 first.

10. MATH 250 - Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

discrete mathematics graph

MATH 250 serves as an introduction to discrete math. Students will study logic, proofs, set theory, Boolean algebra, functions, sequences, matrices, algorithms, modular arithmetic, induction, and combinatorics The course prerequisite is MATH 121, MATH 128, MATH 131, or ENGR 131.

Liberty recognizes that Math is an important part of a student's academic career. By offering a wide range of topics and levels, there truly is a math course out there for everyone! Come back to this post whenever you want to learn more about some of the math courses offered at Liberty University!


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