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10 of the Easiest Courses at Liberty

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Kyra Swartz
24 Jun 2018
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Liberty University, often referred to as LU and Liberty, is a private, non-profit Christian school. It is located in Lynchburg, Virginia and is home to over 15,000 students. This large enrollment is likely due to the fact that Liberty University offers 297 bachelors, 319 masters, and 32 doctoral areas of study for students. And, with such a high number of degrees offered, it is no surprise that there are so many courses offered! The list that follows is of the easiest courses available at Liberty

1. ACCT 211 - Principles of Accounting I

This course is available both online and physically at Liberty. This class covers the study of basic transactions, general ledger accounts, books of original entry, closing and adjusting entry processes, trial balances, financial statements, and expenses. Though this may initially seem complicated, this course, as it is an introductory level course, is easy for students.This image is of a calculator that is used by students in this course.

2. ATTR 200 - Introduction to Athletic Training

This three credit course provides students with an introduction to the profession of athletic training. The topics covered in this class include basic methods of care, treatment, and the rehabilitation of athletic injuries.This image demonstrates students practice athletic training.

3. COMS 110 - Introduction to Mass Communication

This course gives students an overview of the role of print and electronic media in the dissemination of information to a mass audience. And, because most students are competent with this already, this class is easy.This image shows one of the many ways that mass communication is transmitted.

4. COMS 210 - Communication Perspectives

This course is an introduction to communication theory, as it surveys scientific and interpretative approaches to the study, analysis, and explanation of communication.This image shows the three perspectives of communication.

5. FACS 103 - Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences

This course provides a survey of the historical and philosophical development in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences. Further, there is a focus on career opportunities.This image shows the ultimate goals of family and consumer sciences.

6. FACS 205 - Development of Contemporary Families

This course dives into learning the origin and description of contemporary American patterns in the past as they relate to changes in society and technology over time.This image is of a family that one may student within this course.

7. BIBL 350 - Inductive Bible Study

This course introduces students to the five main theological resource tools and the ten methods necessary for an inductive study of the Bible. Given the tools and methods learned in this course, students can write their own commentary on the Bible.This image is of a student studying the Bible.8. HIUS 221 - Survey of American History IThis class provides students with a detailed survey of the political, social, and economic developments of America ranging from the colonizing experience through the Civil War. A deep emphasis is placed on the development of the American democratic tradition and how it has come to be what it is today.This image is of Uncle Sam, an integral character in American History.

9. ECON 110 - Survey of Economics

As the course title suggests, this class gives students survey of general economic principles and concepts for non-business majors. Moreover, professors present students with an overview of theories and applications in microeconomics and macroeconomics. After this, the market economic system is introduced and a comparison with other economic systems are made.This image demonstrates in a color manner the laws of supply and demand.

10. CSCI 111 - Introduction to Programming

This class gives students an introduction to structured programming and algorithms while simultaneously teaching an object-oriented language. Topics include input and output, flow of control, functions, and an introduction to software engineering.This image perfectly summarizes this course.Ultimately, Liberty University provides students with an outstanding education and opportunities to take courses that match their ability levels and interests.


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