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Restaurants and Cafes at LSU

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Alexis Kass
14 Dec 2018
5 min read

While college can be a tough time for students, they also need time to relax and have fun. A great way to relax is to go to the local restaurants and cafes near the university. While the food may not always be great, it is perfect for hungry, broke college students. Here are the 7 restaurants and cafes at Louisiana State University.

1. The 5 Dining Hall

People eating at buffet

The first restaurant on this list is The 5 Dining Hall. While this is a dining hall, people can also pay to come and eat here. The staff is very sweet, and helpful. The food is also really good, especially for a buffet meal. There are televisions that students can watch. The only downside is that the meals can get pretty repetitive. 

2. Raising Cane's Chicken Tenders

Different chicken tenders to eat

The second restaurant on this list is Raising Cane's Chicken Tenders. This is a small shop dedicated to chicken tenders. This is the perfect spot for students on the go, and it is super tasty. There are a lot of different sauces that students can choose from as well. Plus, it is pretty cheap for some chicken tenders. 

3. The Chimes 

Outside of the restaurant Chimes

The third restaurant on this list is Chimes. This is one of the local bars on campus, and offers students bar food and of course drinks. Any student can enter, however they must be of age to drink. It is a great hangout for any college students on campus. 

4. Kaminari Sushi and Hibachi

Food at Hibachi restaurant

The fourth restaurant on this list is Kaminari Sushi and Hibachi. While this can be a little on the expensive side, students are paying for the experience and great food. It is great for anyone looking for a spot to celebrate, and hibachi is such a fun way to eat. The staff is very fun and friendly as well. 

5. Atcha Greek and Lebanese Food

Greek food at restaurant

The fifth restaurant on this list is Atcha Greek and Lebanese Food. This is a wonderful Greek and Lebanese restaurant that is very authentic. It is perfect for any student that really wants some yummy food they cannot get anywhere else. While it can be on the more expensive side it is truly worth it. It is a great spot for students to celebrate with friends, especially for birthdays. It is more of a lunch spot than dinner. Plus, the staff is very friendly and so accommodating. 

6. Einstein Bros. Bagels

Sign for Bros. Bagels Shop

The sixth restaurant on this list is Einstein Bros. Bagels. This is the local bagel shop on campus, and it is so good. Every college campus needs a bagel shop, and students are very lucky to have this one. There are many different spreads as well as bagels for students to choose from. 

7. Newk's Eatery

Inside of the Newk Eatery

The final restaurant on this list is Newk's Eatery. This is a great lunch spot right near campus. They serve all sorts of foods that students rave about. It is also not that expensive which is perfect for broke college students. The staff is also so nice which is a plus. 


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