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10 Coolest Courses at Louisiana State University

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Shelia Watterson
21 Dec 2018
7 min read

Class is almost in session and you have a few credits that you want to fill up before the start of the new semester. Many college students find it extremely difficult to find some of the easier curses to take throughout the semester, nevertheless, some of the coolest classes that will keep their interest. This is why we have compile the list of some of the top coolest classes at Louisiana State University.

1. ASTR 1101 - The Solar System

a look at our solar system

Have you ever wondered what's really out there? This class will discuss the history and evolution of space and time. Students will learn about different galaxies that have been discovered and how astronomers are looking to define and go beyond our galaxy.

2. ART 1010 - Introduction to Drawing

a person drawing a dog

Have you ever wondered how to draw? Did you know you can learn how to now? This class will give students an introduction into the world of drawing. Students will learn about observation drawing, invented images, methods and subjects for drawing, and how to create your own perspective.

3. COMD 4153 - Acoustics of Speech and Hearing

A girl talking in front of people

Have you ever wondered how you hear so well or so little? This class will discuss the production, transmission ,and perception of speech. Students will learn about the acoustics of speech and communication which includes phonetics and psycho-acoustics.

4. HIST 1001 - Western Civilization to 1500

A question about Western civilization

This class will take students through Western history from the early civilizations to 1500. Students will learn about the various ideals, cultural perspectives, trends, and institutions within various societies and cultures that still affect us today.

5. GEOG 1001 - Human Geography: Americas and Europe

The map of the entire world

This class will discuss the history of human geography throughout Europe and the Americas. Students will learn more about the underlying themes that relate to the economy, environment, and regional integration when it comes to these continents.

6. COMD 1751 - COMD Goes to the Movies

A look at different movies

What's your favorite movie? This class will discuss the behavior and communication within movies and how language functions in various movies. Students will get a chance to watch several movies throughout the semester in which they will analyze.

7. ART 2656 - Intermediate Jewelry/Metalsmithing

A look at gold jewelry

This class will teach students about the craft for making jewelry. Students will learn about tools used for jewelry-making and metal-smiting. Topics that will be discussed include models made by the professor, casting processes, and more.

8. ASTR 4997 - Problems in Astronomy

A look at a telescope pointing to the stars

Many researchers have shown the positives of astronomy, but have yet to shed light on the issues that arise. This class will focus on the problems in astronomy as students get a chance to take a look at the brief history behind astronomy and how it has come to be.

9. ART 2050 - Digital Art I

A digital art piece of a girl

You've seen art in the real world, but have you ever seen how it has been created digitally? This class will take students through the fundamentals of digital art and design. This includes learning about software in the Adobe Creative Suite. There will be a primary focus on Adobe Photoshop.

10. ENVS 1000 - Environment and Technology: Perspective on Environmental Problems

A robotic hand holding a tree

This class iwll focus on water and the environment. Students will learn about the various issues that arise when technology becomes responsible for environmental affairs. This includes learning about society and their responses to ecological issues and technology.


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