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LSU Past Exams and Midterms 2019

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Louisiana State University students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at LSU.

We recommend adding in your midterm and exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

If you’re looking for additional material to help you study for the upcoming exams at LSU, click on the link beside the course departments and special course offerings.

Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at LSUPast Midterms and Exams
ACCT 2001Introductory Financial AccountingView Now
ACCT 2101Introductory Managerial AccountingView Now
ACCT 3001Intermediate AccountingñPart IView Now
AGEC 4203Intermediate Food and Fiber Products MarketingView Now
AGEC 4623Rural Resource and Community DevelopmentView Now
AGRO 2051Soil ScienceView Now
ANSC 1011Introduction to Animal ScienceView Now
ASTR 1101The Solar SystemView Now
ASTR 1102Stellar AstronomyView Now
BE 2350Experimental Methods for EngineersView Now
BIOL 1001General BiologyView Now
BIOL 1002General BiologyView Now
BIOL 1011Microorganisms and ManView Now
BIOL 1201Biology for Science Majors IView Now
BIOL 1202Biology for Science Majors IIView Now
BIOL 2051General MicrobiologyView Now
BIOL 2153Principles of GeneticsView Now
BIOL 4094General Biochemistry IIView Now
BIOL 4253Principles of EcologyView Now
BIOL 4800Selected Topics in Biological SciencesView Now
BLAW 3201Business LawView Now
BLAW 3230Sports LawView Now
CE 2200Fluid MechanicsView Now
CE 2450StaticsView Now
CE 2460Dynamics and VibrationsView Now
CE 3400Mechanics of MaterialsView Now
CE 3410Mechanics of Materials LaboratoryView Now
CE 3500Plane Surveying and MeasurementsView Now
CHE 2176Mathematical Modeling of Chemical Engineering SystemsView Now
CHEM 1001Chemical FundamentalsView Now
CHEM 1002Chemistry of Life and the EnvironmentView Now
CHEM 1201General Chemistry IView Now
CHEM 1202General ChemistryView Now
CHEM 2001Analytical ChemistryView Now
CHEM 2060Survey of Organic ChemistryView Now
CHEM 2261Organic ChemistryView Now
CHEM 2262Organic ChemistryView Now
CHEM 2462HONORS: Organic Chemistry IIView Now
CHEM 3492Physical Chemistry IIView Now
CHEM 4571Organometallic ChemistryView Now
CHIN 1101Beginning Mandarin ChineseView Now
CM 1011Introduction to Construction ManagementView Now
CM 1030Honors Engineering GraphicsView Now
CMST 1061Fundamentals of CommunicationView Now
COMD 4150PhoneticsView Now
COMD 4250Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and HearingView Now
CSC 1253Computer Science I with C++View Now
CSC 1254Computer Science II with C++View Now
CSC 2262Numerical MethodsView Now
CSC 4101Programming LanguagesView Now
ECON 2000Principles of MicroeconomicsView Now
ECON 2010Principles of MacroeconomicsView Now
ECON 2030Economic PrinciplesView Now
ECON 2035Money, Banking and Macroeconomic ActivityView Now
ECON 4070Economic GrowthView Now
ECON 4520International TradeView Now
ECON 4710Aggregate Economic AnalysisView Now
EE 2120Circuits IView Now
EE 2230Electronics IView Now
EE 2740Digital LogicView Now
EE 2950Comprehensive Electrical EngineeringView Now
EE 3220Electronics IIView Now
EE 3320Electrical and Magnetic FieldsView Now
EE 3410Electric PowerView Now
EE 3755Computer OrganizationView Now
EE 7000Advanced Topics in Electrical EngineeringView Now
ELRC 2507Introduction to Classroom TechnologyView Now
ENVS 1126Introduction to Environmental SciencesView Now
EXST 2201Introduction to Statistical AnalysisView Now
FIN 3351Principles of Real EstateView Now
FIN 3715Business FinanceView Now
FIN 3716Financial ManagementView Now
GEOL 1001General Geology: PhysicalView Now
GEOL 4068Reflection SeismologyView Now
HIST 1001Western Civilization to 1500View Now
HIST 2057The United States from 1865 to the PresentView Now
HIST 2061African American HistoryView Now
HRE 3571Needs Analysis in Human Resource DevelopmentView Now
HUEC 2045The Fashion IndustryView Now
IE 3302Engineering StatisticsView Now
ISDS 1100Introduction to Management Information SystemsView Now
ISDS 1102Introduction to Management Information Systems for Business MajorsView Now
ISDS 2000Introduction to Business StatisticsView Now
ISDS 2001Statistical Methods and ModelsView Now
ISDS 3100Management of Information ResourcesView Now
ISDS 3105Internet Development ToolsView Now
ISDS 3107Beginning ProgrammingView Now
KIN 1600Individual Wellness and Public HealthView Now
LA 1201Introduction to Landscape ArchitectureView Now
LA 1203Views of the American LandscapeView Now
LIS 7008Information TechnologiesView Now
MATH 1022Plane TrigonometryView Now
MATH 1550Analytic Geometry and Calculus IView Now
MATH 1551HONORS: Analytic Geometry and Calculus IView Now
MATH 1552Analytic Geometry and Calculus IIView Now
MATH 2025Integral Transforms and Their ApplicationsView Now
MATH 2030Discrete Dynamical SystemsView Now
MATH 2057Multidimensional CalculusView Now
MATH 2065Elementary Differential EquationsView Now
MATH 2090Elementary Differential Equations and Linear AlgebraView Now
MATH 3355ProbabilityView Now
MATH 4023Applied AlgebraView Now
MATH 4056Mathematical StatisticsView Now
MATH 4200Abstract Algebra IView Now
MATH 7211Algebra IIView Now
ME 2334ThermodynamicsView Now
ME 3333ThermodynamicsView Now
ME 3752Material Selection for Mechanical EngineersView Now
ME 4133Machine Design I: Kinematics of MachineryView Now
MGT 3200Principles of ManagementView Now
MGT 3211Business and SocietyView Now
MGT 3830Strategically Managing OrganizationsView Now
MKT 3401Principles of MarketingView Now
MKT 3421Marketing Communication: PromotionView Now
MUS 1751Music AppreciationView Now
PETE 1010Introduction to Petroleum EngineeringView Now
PETE 2031Reservoir Rock PropertiesView Now
PETE 2034Rock and Fluid Properties LaboratoryView Now
PETE 3025Economic Aspects of Petroleum ProductionView Now
PHIL 2020EthicsView Now
PHYS 1100Introduction to PhysicsView Now
PHYS 1202General Physics for Physics MajorsView Now
PHYS 2001General Physics IView Now
PHYS 2101General Physics for Technical StudentsView Now
PHYS 2102General Physics for Technical StudentsView Now
PHYS 2108Introductory Physics LaboratoryView Now
PHYS 2110Particle MechanicsView Now
PHYS 2113Fields: Gravity, Electricity, and MagnetismView Now
PHYS 2207Introductory Modern Physics LaboratoryView Now
PHYS 7221Classical MechanicsView Now
POLI 1001Fundamental Issues of PoliticsView Now
PSYC 2000Introduction to PsychologyView Now
PSYC 2076Child PsychologyView Now
PSYC 4070General MicrobiologyView Now
REL 2034Indigenous ReligionsView Now
RNR 2031Principles of Wildlife ManagementView Now
SOCL 2001Introductory SociologyView Now
WGS 1001Evolution of Sex and GenderView Now
WGS 3150Survey of Feminist TheoryView Now

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