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10 Hardest Courses at Louisiana State University

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Kayla Bradley

Some students want to take classes that allow them to think critically. Students everywhere opt to do this so that they have a chance to find out what it's really like balancing a jam-packed schedule. Are you one of the students who are ready for the challenge? Luckily, we have compiled a list of some of the hardest classes that you can find at Louisiana State University!

1. AGEC 1003 Introduction to Agricultural Business

Picture of a tractor in a field

This class is generally offered in the fall. It allows students to really engage in the nature of scoping the agribusiness. This includes learning how to apply management and marketing fundamentals to problems related to agribusiness. Students will have a lot of homework in this course so study hard!

2. ENVS 1000 Environment and Technology: Perspective on Environmental Problems

A clear day outside in the field

Do you know the issues that surround the environment? This class will allow students to discover the ever-so-changing environmental problems. Students will also learn how to analyze and solve these issues with different technology that allows them to see different interrelationships.

3. ECON 2030 Economic Principles

Words that relate to economics

Do you know how to crunch down the numbers to the core? This class will introduce students to the art of economics. Students will learn about fiscal policies, public finance, and problems surrounding economics. This class will require you to study hard to earn the grade you really want.

4. CHEM 1001 Chemical Fundamentals

A look at tools used in chemistry

What is chemistry? This class is for those who are non-science majors and who know nothing about chemistry. Students will learn about the different chemical theories and how they are applied to various fields around the world. This class is very test and quiz heavy.

5. BIOL 1001 General Biology

A depiction of the field of biology

What is biology? Are you made up of different biological terms? This class is an introduction into the fundamental aspects of biological science. Students will have lots of daily readings that deal with ecology, evolution, cell biology, and genetics of organisms.

6. ARTH 2402 Classical Art and Archaeology

An example of classical artwork

Are you good at digging deep through history? This class will introduce students through the art and archaeology concepts of Greek and Roman ancient worlds. This class will require students to study the text that they learn and apply to today's modern-day world.

7. GEOL 3041 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

Examples of igneous rocks within geology

This class will give students an introduction to igneous and metamorphic petrology and its relationship to geology. Students will learn about applying different methods to discover and identify rocks. This class is very test heavy and hands-on.

8. LING 2716 Language Diversity, Society, & Power

Different ways of saying hello

How diverse is language? People around the world speak different languages in order to communicate with people within their community. This class will allow students to look from various perspectives of diversity, society, and power through readings and homework.

9. ACCT 2000 Survey of Accounting

Tools used in the field of accounting

Are you good with math? This class will teach students about the business aspects of accounting. Students will learn about the value and concepts of financial statements, managing accounting concepts, and funding individual income taxes.

10. PSYC 2000 Introduction to Psychology

 graphic depiction of two people thinking, with cogs in the place of brains

This class is designed to give students an outlook and overview on the field of psychology. Students will learn about the different methods and ways of looking at cognitive and human behavior. Students will also learn about different research methods surrounding psychology.


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