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Top 10 Hardest courses at Macquarie University

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Juliet Nduku
27 Nov 2018
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Macquarie University is a public research University named after Lachlan Macquarie is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.The institution was established in 1964 by the New South Wales Government.  Some of the hardest 10 courses feared by the majority of student offered include the following:

1. AFIN352 Advance Corporate Finance

Advance Corporate FinanceThis course is challenging due to its comprehensive set factors that influence organizations in their payout, investment, and finance decision within a dynamic framework. Students should understand the theoretical and practical applications of multifaceted nature of risk.

2. ECON333 Econometric methods

 Econometric methodsEconometric is hard because as it exposes students to a wider and more complete range of econometric issues. It equips students with a more practical knowledge of econometrics.

3. STAT170 Introductory Statistics

Do you ever get scared of complex mathematical computation?This course is hard because students probably havn't heard of the concepts  before. Moreover, the concepts require a different type of thinking. The course covers a broad introduction to statistical concepts and data analysis techniques, it provides basic statistical knowledge.

4. STAT272 Probability

Probability in statistic major Probability in statistic major is so difficult for many students. The course is the backbone of statistic major and it requires the use of calculus for understanding the concepts. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical development of the subject matter.

5. PHL281 Philosophy of language

Philosophy of languagePhilosophy of language is most challenging you. The reason is you are required to use language to understand philosophy of language. The course  cover the work of philosophers such as Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Quine, and Kripke.

6. ACCG224 Financial Accounting and Reporting

accountants, financial auditors, private/public accounting, and more. This course builds on the first year accounting classes, explores the financial reporting issues in greater depth. It is really challenging mostly for those students who never grasp the first-year concepts well.

7. ACCG330 Strategic Management Accounting

Managerial AccountingThe course is built on the concepts and techniques covered in Management Accounting, Organizational planning and Control classes. The unit is most challenging for students. It provides a systematic and critical analysis of the issues related to the integration of management accounting and control systems with strategy implementation.

8. COMP225 Algorithms and Data Structure

Algorithms and Data StructureStudents who struggled with math and programming course in the previous year will find this course to be challenging. Algorithms and data structure involves reasoning if a student lack mathematics concepts then they are going to find a bad time.

9. PHYS303 Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics

Quantum Mechanics IIThis course is so hard because everything naturally has a probability. Thus, it is hard to develop a mathematical model to best describe the phenomenon. The unit provides a viewpoint about the nature of the physical world that is completely at odds with our everyday intuition.

10. CBMS223 Biochemistry

This course provides an essential backgroundThis course provides an essential background for the life scientist, building on the fundamentals of organic and biological chemistry and general biology. The course involves a lot of memorization. The topics include the structure of biological macromolecules, enzymatic control of biological reactions, principal pathways of intermediary metabolism, the flow of energy within cells, and lipid and amino acid metabolism.You should study what you enjoy regardless of its difficulty. It will make the work enjoyable and you will succeed based on the fact that you like your area of study.


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