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Health and Wellness Services at Macquarie University

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David Mello
5 Dec 2018
3 min read

Macquarie Park is one of the most well-regarded suburbs in all of the city of Sydney. Part of its reputation comes from the propping up of a school that enhances the region and all that surrounds it. Aptly named, Macquarie University takes the needs of the students into consideration every single day. From classes to dining to everything in between, Macquarie University is sure to put an emphasis on everything a student would need on any given day. One of the top considerations is the health of their students, as evidenced below.

1. Medical Clinic

Palm trees line the front of the clinic In addition to their own on campus locations for treating students' medical needs and potential problems with sicknesses, Macquarie also sponsors its own hospital. This hospital and clinic is still located very close to the Macquarie campus and it makes its mark on the medical world thanks to what it provides to patients and what it provides to the future. People are treated in this hospital like any other institution, but there is also an entire section devoted to medical research that is instrumental for future knowledge on various topics.

2. Accessibility Support

Benches are organized outside of support centres There are plenty of outlets for accessibility support available throughout the Macquarie college campus and beyond. One of the elements that Macquarie is often commended for in regards to these services is how far-reaching they are. Every disability under the sun, from handicap accessibility to hard of hearing accessibility, is covered by Macquarie.

3. Digital Therapy

A Macquarie professor helps students with therapy There are standard therapy options available to students at Macquarie. However, the school is also trying something new for students who find themselves leaning more towards the therapeutic side of things. They are aiming to provide students with mental health assistance in a digital capacity!

4. Emergency Leadership

A fireman folds his arms The emergency teams at Macquarie are renowned in the country for their readiness, their preparedness, and their effectiveness in handling any emergency that a Macquarie student could be experiencing at any given moment. However, the top reason for these services being of such a high quality is that it comes from the top down. At Macquarie, the people in charge of the emergency teams are among the best and the brightest in the entire world and this school settles for nothing less.

5. Macquarie University Sport & Aquatic Centre

Students lift weights together in the gym At Macquarie, students have many options if they are aiming to get the workouts they desire. For one, it would never hurt to go for a jog or a run across campus or even take a quick workout routine to one of the campus' many stairwells where students could run up the height of the stairs. However, the above centre allows for students to focus their exercise routines into a one-stop area that is built for such a thing, including students who want to lift weights to students who want to swim and everyone in between. Macquarie provides students security and safety. When it comes to university, the importance of these elements cannot be overstated. And they will surely be appreciated by all students.


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