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Jobs and Opportunities for Students at Macquarie University

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Md Sadequr Rahman
17 Dec 2018
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Studying vigorously and getting excellent marks doesn’t assure you a job. Most organizations suspect candidates to be experienced and proficient in the workplace. Managing student jobs while you study is an excellent approach to build your employability abilities and obtain life experience. Luckily, Macquarie offers opportunities for students to gain more experience.

1. Data Analyst

a man doing the data analysis work

This is a short-term freelance role for 2-3 hours each month for eight months. Pay scale for the candidates is €30 per executed task. Responsibilities of the candidates is to analyze and give feedback on the voice identification software. Improving the accuracy of data. Provides you the chance to operate in the modern technology. Upgrade software for your area.

2. Cleaner

cleaning work is under progress

A great number of advantages can be accessed by the candidates, including great team environment, global organization, and immediate start. From small private health campuses to the large size public hospitals, our comprehensive range of assistance solutions includes retail, catering, facilities management, security, cleaning services, and help desk.

3. Casual Cleaner

a team is performing cleaning work

The organization is looking for new casual House Cleaners to meet our expanding team. What the organization is expecting from you, candidates must have former cleaning experience, your own cleaning tools, intelligence to operating with disables, and should be positive and can deal with customers.

4. Volunteer Indoor Lawn Bowls Players

men and women playing indoor lawn bowls

Share your passion of indoor garden bowls with other keen professionals at the organizations aged care home. Generally, you'll be available for 30 minutes once every week, from Monday to Friday, for 6 to 12 months or extended.

5. Casual Courier

the man is performing courier services

The roles and responsibilities of the candidates include changing day and night shifts, servicing Sydney and nearby areas, company vehicle given during shifts. Seven thousand people, one global concentration-improving the health and well-being of people, pets, and livestock.

6. Online Content Designer

the representative is creating online content for the company

The Job responsibilities and duties, but not confined to design EDMs utilizing original layouts and templates, work to set up EDM campaigns within email marketing tool successfully, support with the management of the EDM calendar, including deployment and scheduling as required, execute content banners on the website as per the needs, volunteer reporting on EDM execution, as per need, controlling competitive action, concise and operate with online and advertising units to compose new emails as needed.

7. Team Member Driver

the team member driver is driving the vehicle

The candidates will be provided with a pay scale of $54,580 a year. An impressive opening has appeared for a motivated person to join our supportive, enthusiastic Civil Maintenance unit as a Driver. You will be a member of a peremptory society that is authorized for implementing outstanding client service and quality results.

8. OneClass Notetaker

it's a brand name of not only earning but also learning

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

We have discussed above the complete student jobs for the students of Macquarie University who are perusing their UG degree and looking for apart-time job to earn some money to make their basic needs to be fulfilled smoothly and efficiently.


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