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Math Classes at Macquarie University

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Drew Pierce
23 Jul 2020
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A major part of the curriculum Macquarie revolves around mathematics. That being said, it is important to know which math classes are best suited for you. Some notable alumni include Neil Trudinger, Jose Enrique Moyal and Esther Szekeres. Here are some great math classes offered to you.

1. MATH 106- A View of Mathematics

simple math equation

The first math class listed is the most basic one offered. A View of Mathematics is an introductory course at the most basic level. You will learn about beginner-level equations, functions and math properties. There are no requirements to take this course and Dr. David Arnold will most likely be your instructor.

2. MATH 300- Geometry and Topology

geometric shapes and topology

One of the more specific classes offered is Geometry and Topology. The math of shapes and logic will be at the forefront of this class. At this time, there is no set instructor for this class. However, you must take MATH 235 before this class.

3. MATH 339- Real and Functional Analysis

macquarie student from department of math and stats

Majority of math revolves around real numbers and equations. Because of that, Real and Functional Analysis will be an extremely useful class. Dr. Catherine Penington will teach you all about real numbers and how they work with various functions. In order to take this class, you need to have completed MATH 331 or MATH 332.

4. MATH 399- Participation and Community Engagement in Mathematics

math student at macquarie

One of the more unique classes is Participation and Community Engagement in Mathematics. As the name implies, you will see how math is used in everyday life and in communities. Dr. Christian Thomas is the main instructor for the course. Be sure to have credit in MATH 235 or 232 to enroll.

5. MATH 111- Quantitative Methods for Science

study area

A huge part of math is science. Thankfully, there is a math course specifically designed for certain scientific fields. For example, you will learn how to solve physics or biology problems using math. There are no prerequisites for this class, and Dr. Nan Zou will most likely guide you through this class.

6. MATH 337- Algebra IIIA

math equations

As you progress through the math department, you will eventually come to Algebra IIIA. You will learn about algebraic expressions, functions, problems and more. You will have a great understanding of math on a deeper level after this class. In order to be considered for the class, you need to finish MATH 325. You will most likely have Dr. Ross Moore or Dr. David Arnold to help you through the class.

7. MATH 331- Waves

wave graph

A big part of energy, motion and basic, fundamental properties is waves. The study of waves will teach you about resonators, waveguides and so much more. You must take MATH 235 and MATH 232 to be admitted into the class. Although the professor in charge of this class has yet to be announced, be sure to contact the college to find out more.

8. MATH 188- Advanced Topics in Mathematics I

advanced math equations

One class that many students take is Advanced Topics in Mathematics I. You will learn all about mathematical literature, research and much more. You must complete MATH 132 before taking this class. This is another classes where the professor in the fall is unknown.

9. MATH 338- Algebra IIIB

math equations

As you progress through the math track, you may stumble upon Algebra IIIB. After taking MATH 337, you can advance into this course. You will learn about advanced algebraic law, theories, automorphisms and more. You will most likely have either Dr. Christopher Green or Dr. Lyndon Koens for this class.

10. MATH 332- Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos?

The final math class on the list is Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos. To start, you must have completed MATH 235 and MATH 232. You will learn how to analyze multi-dimensional maps and pendulum tendencies. Dr. Ross Moore will most likely be your professor.

No matter what your track is in school, you will most likely have to take a math class. It is important to know your options. Be sure to check out these math options for you at Macquarie University!


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